Can your hair grow faster if you eat that?

You want long hair? Such a really nice mane, all secretly looking after? Then it’s time to boost hair growth a bit – not with a comb or a pair of scissors, with the right foods!

Our hair grows a good inch in the month. It takes a lot of patience and suitable genes to reach the bottom. However, within certain limits, we can influence this growth and at the same time ensure that the hair stays healthy and does not break off. But how do you do that?

Deep rooted: the right supply makes it

To find an answer, it is important to understand how our hair grows. And already there are some mistakes. Hair does not grow at its tip, but from the root. Incidentally, this also means that the frequently recommended cutting of the tips has an influence on the appearance of the hair, but not on the growth that is at stake here.

Anyone who wants to accelerate the growth of hair – on average, humans have about five million hairs – must literally tackle the problem at its roots. Only if it succeeds here to improve the supply situation, it thanks the hair with strong growth.

Our hair, like all our organs, is supplied by blood vessels that group around the individual hair roots. It is therefore possible to stimulate hair growth in two ways: better blood circulation, which can be achieved, for example, with regular brushing, and a higher nutrient content in the blood. And this is where our foods come into play: Who hits the “favorite foods” of the hair can accelerate hair growth.

How do we grow our hair?

The growth takes place in three stages, which goes through each hair.

In stage one, cell division begins. More and more cells are being formed and transported up the hair root canal. The hair grows and pushes out of the scalp to the light. At the same time, the cells move farther and farther away from the nutrient source. One speaks of the process of keratinization. Keratin, a fiber protein, is also the main substance that makes up our hair. The longer this process of keratinization – the first phase of life of the hair – stops and the more dynamic it goes, the longer the hair becomes.

In phase 2 and 3, the hair supply is slowly adjusted until it finally ends completely. Hair and hair roots lose their cohesion, the hair falls out. At the same time, the process begins anew with phase one.

As this step-by-step process does not run parallel to our hair, the constant process of renewal is barely visible. Only when combing or washing your hair becomes clear that some hair had to make room for the offspring again. It is believed that up to 15 percent of all hair is in its last phase. A few hairs in comb or brush are therefore no cause for concern. It can be around 100 per day.

Long hair: What influence does our diet have?

In addition to our genes plays an important role in how our hair is supplied – because the formation of keratin can be strong support with protein and vitamin rich foods. Those who eat rich in protein can therefore hope for long hair. These substances are included, for example, in yoghurt, curd cheese and milk, in meat and fish, but also in oatmeal, almonds, lentils and spinach.

Not only does the hair get long, but it also stays flexible and silky, so some vitamins and trace elements are indispensable. Thus, silicon from oats and millet provides for elasticity. Omega-3 fatty acids give the right shine, which is a good reason to put a lot of fish on the menu. It does not always have to be salmon, it also has a sardine effect, but also a lot of vegetables like brussels sprouts or the ever-popular avocado.

After all, it is also important to take up copper, which is needed for proper pigmentation. Once again the avocado is at the forefront of the hair-raising diet. In addition a green tea, which has an extremely high copper content.

Many experts advise to also support the circulation of the scalp internally. In addition to regular brushing and soothing head massages, circulation-enhancing foods can also make a contribution: oranges or melons, fish, garlic and herbs such as rosemary, peppermint and chili not only enrich the diet, they also ensure healthy, beautiful hair.

Conversely, one recognizes the long, full hair so the healthy lifestyle. No wonder long hair is more than just an eye-catcher.