These tops hide perfectly small problem areas

Every woman has her problem areas. But with the right top they are almost non-existent. Read here how to hide your problem areas.

Do not fret over the little tummy or the strong arms. By choosing the right top, you can easily get rid of these problems in no time at all.

Hide the belly

To make the tummy disappear, longer tops like longshirts or tunics are perfect. Even A-line dresses or wrap dresses work wonders. Avoid shiny fabrics. On the other hand, everything that stretches to conceal your stomach is good: a v-neck, zippers or vertical stripes, long chains or scarves.

Hide wide shoulders

Avoid oversize tops! Instead, grab tops with precise cuts that sit well. A V-neck “splits” the upper body optically, making even broad shoulders appear narrower. Even long chains have this effect, as well as blouses with a collar. Put on soft, flowing fabrics, if you want to hide broad shoulders. Insider tip: One-shoulder tops visually break the shoulder line very well.

Hide big breasts

A big bosom definitely needs a well-fitting bra with wide straps. A v-neck stretches, dark colors hide the problem area well. Turtlenecks or small necklines emphasize the bosom rather. If you want to distract for a business appointment from your chest, wear a dark blouse or a dark V-neck top and let loose a scarf or a shawl over the bust.

Hide small breasts

On the other hand, tops with flounces or ruffles at chest height can add a little something. In principle, everything works which looks more like something else: water-shirts or tops with applications , bows or embroidery are good to make the breast look bigger. After all, colorfully patterned shirts distract attention from (supposedly) small breasts.