She does it – these shoes can really be combined with any outfit!

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham shows which shoes fit every outfit and how you always look stylish with the right shoes.

If there is something Ex Spice Girl Victoria Beckham (44) knows well then it’s fashion. Because although the 44-year-old became famous with her singing career and as a footballer woman, she is meanwhile mainly as a designer on the road. Her two trademarks stand out again and again: a pair of dark sunglasses and pointed pumps! Because with pointed pumps you always have a matching shoe to the outfit, says Beckham.

Colored pumps to match any outfit

You never actually see Beckham in flat shoes. Whether skirt, dress or destroyed jeans – the fourfold mother combines just about any outfit with high-heeled pumps. And they need exactly two features: They should be sharp and simple. Pumps without any frills can be worn in the wildest colors without being overweight and wild.

And so this summer Beckham combines colored pumps to any outfit: bright red to a black suit, lilac to jeans, petrol to an orange dress, but also yellow, purple and mint pumps we were allowed to admire at the petite feet of the fashion icon.

So you also find the right shoe for your outfit

The key to the perfect outfit with colored pumps is simplicity: you can wear a simple shoe for elegant, sporty, festive or extravagant outfits. If your outfit is neutral in color, your pumps may stand out in color. If your outfit is a shade, you should adapt your shoe to the outfit. Then just pick up the color in your shoe again. This completes your look skillfully.