Top 10 Trending Rose Tattoo For Women’s

A rose tattoo design is a gorgeous go-to, especially once you place initials, a specific date, or even a name of your favorite person next to it! Are you a romantic person who wants to show your love and devotion, as well as dedication? If so, you will appreciate this article, as well as all of our rose tattoo ideas with names. Keep on reading and find your perfect inspiration down below!

Rose Tattoos On Arm

The Canvas Arts) Temporary Tattoo Waterproof For Men & Women Wrist, Arm,  Hand Neck Tattoo T-68 (Rose Tattoo) Size 60mm X105mm : Beauty

This black rose over your forearm is a must-have if you’re into smaller designs. It is a gorgeous design that will suit men and women.

Rose tattoos symbolize your love and your feelings for the other person. Are you in love with someone specific? You can dedicate a small portion of your body to show true love and your emotions.

 Rose Tattoo With Name On Shoulder

Shoulder rose tattoo | Mother tattoos, Rose tattoo sleeve, Tattoos

This neck and shoulder tattoo is a dramatic piece. Do you gravitate toward larger tattoos? This one might suit you the best!

It symbolizes your dreams and the love of your life. It is also a big piece which means that you should get it only if you’re love is as big and if you have an appreciation for larger pieces.

Small Rose Tattoo With Name Stem Design

Rose Tattoo with Name Stem

This small and unusual rose tattoo will look the best over your stomach. The placement itself can be quite painful, but you will enjoy it if you’re someone who prefers detailed ink and precision in general. Heads up, however, make sure that your pain tolerance level is high in this case.

Rose With Name Tattoo On Arm Black Design

Rose name tattoo | Forearm name tattoos, Arm tattoos black, Mom tattoos

This detailed black tattoo with a rose symbol will suit you if you’re a person who loves noticeable tattoos. It is a time-consuming piece to get but it will suit you if you’re someone who prefers larger tattoos.

It shows your love for different and important individuals in your life. It is symbolic and beautiful in its own way, and who doesn’t love that?

Rose Tattoo With Name Inside Design

Rose Tattoo with Name in the Stem

Do you have a Kimberly in your life? Do you want to show the world that you love that person? This gorgeous design is for someone who prefers larger tattoos and detailed ink.

Make sure that you have 4 hours to spare to get this design. It is sentimental and feminine at the same time, perfect for anyone who loves precision.

Blue Rose Tattoo Design

81 Beautiful Blue Rose Tattoo Ideas [2024 Inspiration Guide]

Are you a fan of bright blue tattoos? Blue usually symbolizes power as well as loyalty. Are you a loyal person, or someone who loves to stand out in general? Get out of your comfort zone and show your determined side with this colorful tattoo instead of sticking to something plain or black.

This blue rose shows power. You are probably a power couple and someone who is a fan of loud and memorable moments as well.

Side Piece Rose Tattoo


Sidepiece tattoos are quite painful to get. This stomach tattoo might be a bit uncomfortable for you as well. Place something this detailed only if you are a fan of sentimental tattoos that you can dedicate to someone special in your life.

This design stands for admiration and grace. It can also show your gratitude, as well as your personal beliefs, so why not get it?

Shades Rose Tattoo Designs Colorful Piece On Back

Black and Grey Rose Tattoos: Tips, Techniques, and Best Practices —  Certified Tattoo Studios

This back tattoo is for women who truly love their mothers. It will suit you if you’re someone who is a mommas girl or a mommas boy still to this day! This colorful tattoo is for anyone who loves to stand out.

It will show your love for the closest ones around you. Let your mom know how special she truly is in your life. Determined and caring individuals will appreciate this piece the best.

Red Rose Tattoo With Name On Hand

The Canvas Arts Temporary Tattoo Waterproof For Men & Women Wrist, Arm,  Hand, Neck, QS-24 (Red Rose Tattoo) Size 110mmX80mm

This small forearm tattoo is for people who prefer precision and defined lines. It is a small and delicate tattoo that will take you 2-4 hours to achieve. Embrace your playful side with this tattoo.

It symbolizes the love that you are willing to give. Also, are you a giver or a receiver? Let the world see your side with this beautiful tattoo.

Red Chest Name With Tattoo

Risultato immagine per heartbeat tattoos | Heartbeat tattoo on wrist, Name  tattoos on wrist, Heartbeat tattoo

Want a feminine and cute chest tattoo? Are you someone who loves girly tattoos in general? This one will suit you if you’re a woman looking for something appropriate for your chest.

This design symbolizes your power and your inner feelings. How big are they and do you want to share them with the world? Let everyone see that with this pop of red!