Top 10 Christmas Fingernails Design For Women’s

With Christmas Fingernails, you can go one of two ways—incredibly simple or over-the-top. And if you’re craving a design that’s festive and interesting with nary a reindeer or snowman in sight, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to guide you through Christmas nail designs that are elegant and restrained. “Elegant nails have an essence to them [wherein] they do not have too much going on, yet capture your attention,” says nail artist Sharon Ladokun.

Gold Velvet Fingernails Design For Women’s

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“This French manicure featuring a golden velvet tip with the addition of tiny holly berries and twinkling stars is the perfect Christmas look,” says Kim. “If you don’t have a gold velvet polish available, you can substitute it with a gold glitter polish like ORLY’s Untouchable Decadence ($11) for a special touch of shimmer.”

Skittle Half Moon Fingernails Design For Women’s


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Leaving the half-moons of the nail bare is an easy way to elevate a simple nail look. Ladokun used a different shade of red on each digit to create this Skittle nails-like effect.

Snowy Branches Fingernails Design For Women’s

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Branches are a staple in nail designs because they’re so simple to paint. Jazz up leaves for Christmas by adding berries and snowflakes.

Simple Tree Fingernails Design For Women’s

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Just two polishes—Moon Cat’s Poison Ivy ($13) and I’m A MF Supernova ($14)— were used to create this stunning look. Each nail features a glittery gold tip anchored by a black arch. The ring fingers feature a super simple Christmas tree design, resulting in a festive, yet sleek look.

Merry Swirls Fingernails Design For Women’s

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Ladokun used bright red, warm cream, and shimmery gold to create this swirly look. Each nail features a different design, making the look extra mesmerizing.

Ruby Tips Fingernails Design For Women’s


“These ruby-encrusted French tips are perfect for an elegant holiday party,” says Kim. “It is a twist on a red French manicure but glammed up with extra rhinestones. You can use a color like ORLY’s Cran-Barely Believe It ($11) as the base French color and add various red rhinestones to top it off.”

Festive Polka Dots Fingernails Design For Women’s

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Get in the holiday spirit without using the traditional shades of red and green. This look uses shimmery jewel tones to create a stunning look.

Sweater Weather Fingernails Design For Women’s

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This mix-and-match look features cable-knit, bow, and snowflake patterns. Although the designs are so varied, the look only uses two colors, which keeps the overall effect a bit calmer.

Christmas Berries Fingernails Design For Women’s

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Adding holly berries to your mani is a perfect and easy way to celebrate Christmas. This look features berries atop holographic glitter, accompanied by high-shine, red shimmer nails.

Sleek Red Tip Fingernails Design For Women’s

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