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Your body is a blank canvas and the best tattoo ideas will turn that canvas into a work of art. As such, you want a cool tattoo design that emanates with both personal meaning and visual allure in equal measure. Barring laser removal, this is a lifelong commitment and one that shouldn’t be approached haphazardly…not that it’s stopped plenty of guys from strolling into the nearest parlour and throwing caution to the wind. A quick word of advice: don’t be one of those guys.

When it comes to the best tattoo for men, some blokes know exactly what they want while others need a little guidance. Decisions like simplicity, size, content, and location on the body play a crucial role. Do you go with a simple tattoo on your shoulder, dress your entire back in ink, or opt for something in between? How important is it that the tattoo reflects your individual identity?

Small Tattoo

Geometric Small Tattoos For Men

Micro or minimalist tattoos are all the rage this year. If it’s your first or second time getting inked up, a small tattoo is probably the smartest way to go. Consider getting it in an area that’s easy to conceal, especially if you’re striving for a certain tier of discretion. However, they tend to stand out on fingers because of the lesser surface area. You certainly wouldn’t be the first person to save his tattoo for those who truly deserve to see it. Whatever your choice, the design and body placement choices are limitless.

Tribal Tattoo

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Tribal tattoos draw upon centuries of symbolism, tradition, culture, and masculinity. With their bold gradients and interweaving patterns, they also look quite cool. Should you get one, prepare to make a bold statement every time it’s revealed. This kinds of tattoo designs work best on the upper shoulder or chest, as is traditional.


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Sometimes simple tattoos for men are the best ones. If you don’t want to overthink the whole process, opt for something simple and affordable and you’ll find the experience to be quite painless, relatively speaking. Linework designs allow you to show off something you love, without needing to dedicate an entire canvas to the piece. Look for those ones on your wrist, hands or upper neck.

Lion Tattoo

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Animal imagery can convey loads of meaning and a lion tattoo is certainly no exception. For men, it can signify leadership, courage, and nobility, among other things. You’ll see a number of these classic designs in pop culture, with this option being a favourite amongst celebrities, most notably with Ed Sheeran like Justin Bieber’s tattoos.

Wolf Tattoo

Wolf Tattoo Designs & Ideas for Men and Women

A wolf is one of the coolest animals and it makes for one of the coolest tattoos, naturally. More than a choice visual, the mighty wolf symbolises ritualism, loyalty, guardianship, and instinct. This kind of design is generally seen on the upper arm, forearm or as a chest piece, as seen on celebrities like Halsey.

Owl Tattoo

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Being primarily a creature of the night, the owl conjures all sorts of ancient and mysterious vibes. They also represent infinite wisdom. With its close ties to the moon, an owl tattoo can also deliver subtle hints of feminine mystique. If you’re an enigmatic gent with a secret side, this might be the best tattoo idea for you.


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If you’ve overcome harsh obstacles in life, the phoenix could very well be your personal symbol of choice. A mythical firebird with roots in both Greek and Egyptian lore, it rises from the ashes to signify rebirth. A common tattoo design for men, this motif has been seen across bodies for decades, just try and avoid whatever it is that Ben Affleck went with.

Dragon Tattoo

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Is there anything a dragon doesn’t symbolise by this point? Whether you’re a fantasy junky or someone who just likes the idea of awesome fire-breathing creatures, consider becoming the boy with the dragon tattoo. These designs best suit arms, backs and chest areas.

Compass Tattoo

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When it comes to top tattoo designs for men, the classical compass goes overlooked and underrated. It can represent the thrill of travel, the journey of life itself, or both concthe epts at the very same time. You’ll find this common design across arms, legs and shoulders as the symmetrical shape lends itself well more awkward body parts.

3D Tattoo

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Cool tattoos for men don’t get much cooler than a well-executed 3D ink job. 3D tattoos transcend regular ink work and are considered their own art form. However, this is also a design that can go awry when left in the wrong hands. For that reason, you’ll want to seek out a truly skilled tattoo artist before going all-in on the optical illusions.