Top 10 Trending Fingers Tattoos for Women

Up until recently, finger tattoos weren’t necessarily the most mainstream, but with celebrities’ stamp of approval and the fact that they’re completely customizable, we’ve seen them grow in popularity. Finger tattoos are able to be inked in almost any style—meaning you can opt for a design that suits your own personal vibe. Plus, lots of people opt for ring finger tattoos as a form of permanent “jewelry” or in lieu of a physical wedding ring. Make no mistake, though; even if you go for a more minimal feel, a finger tattoo makes a statement thanks to its visibility. Whether the impact is major or minor is based on the details of your design—including size, placement, and pigment—and the style it’s inked in.

Hyper-Colorful Designs

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At first glance, these hyper-colorful finger tattoos look like rudimentary shapes, but they’re actually based on real-life symbols, like a rainbow and a watermelon. We love the use of a different design on each finger.


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This creeping vine moves from the wrist down the pointer finger and extends on to the middle finger. It’s a simple and elegant black design that almost serves as a piece of jewelry.

Birth Year

29 Pretty Finger Tattoo Design Ideas, From Minimalist to Maximalist

Represent your birth year with this innovative take on a classic tattoo. Rather than keeping the numbers relegated to one digit, this inking puts one number on each finger, for a nod to ’98 that isn’t too obvious.

Fine Line Variations

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We love the contrast of a colorful manicure and minimalist, fine-line tattoos. Here, each finger gets a different design, ranging from a cross to a vine wrapped around an index finger.


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Rather than just one wedding ring-style band tattoo, this design utilizes two very thin bands and a myriad of designs mixed in, for a bold but still simple look.


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For a minimal but not boring tattoo, a small ribbon wrapped around the finger is a delicate touch. A bit of color, like this red, will make it pop even more.


Airplane tattoo on the inner finger.

Make a small design look crisp and smooth by using only black ink. By filling in the image—like the plane here—you’re able to focus on the details of the shape without overwhelming it.

Beyoncé’s Simple Dots

29 Pretty Finger Tattoo Design Ideas, From Minimalist to Maximalist

Keep it minimalist with a series of simple dots, perhaps one for each sibling or child that you have.

Minimalist Stars

29 Pretty Finger Tattoo Design Ideas, From Minimalist to Maximalist

If you want a more whimsical feel for your finger tattoo, go for punchy purple. But for something a bit more moody, go basic black and minimalist, like this collection of stars and a crescent moon.


29 Pretty Finger Tattoo Design Ideas, From Minimalist to Maximalist

A minimal finger tattoo doesn’t have to be small; this design is spread out and the empty space gives it an airy feel. Using only outlining and connecting it to more art on the wrist makes a statement without being in your face.