These are the 10 most dangerous fitness exercises

You swear on sit-ups and crunches for the perfect abdominal muscles ? On the leg press do you get your legs into shape with the maximum weight ? Error! We’ll tell you why these exercises can endanger your health and provide tips for proper training.

No-Go Exercise 1: Crunches and Sit-Ups

Crunches and sit-ups put strain on the spine and intervertebral discs – at least if not all of the back muscles are the same. If you are not a professional athlete, but sit a lot in everyday life, then an imbalance may arise. And you should not reinforce this flawed movement pattern with crunches and sit-ups. In the long run, her back will take revenge.

No-Go Exercise 2: T-Bench Press

In T-bench press, the barbell bar is guided vertically downwards so that the shoulders and wrists form the roof of the letter T. However, this movement will put a strain on the shoulder joints, which can cause permanent irritation and pain. Stay with the classic bench press, where you go with the pole a small bow.

No-Go Exercise 3: Leg press

Since your back is not maximally stabilized at the leg press , this can hit the discs at a high training weight. Better are free squats with the barbell.

No-Go-Exercise 4: Latzug in the neck

Here, the head is pulled strongly forward, which can lead to tension in combination with a lot of weight. The Latzug to the chest is much more effective because he does not strain the neck.

No-Go Exercise 5: Wide pushups

Different grip widths by no means train different areas of the chest muscles. Setting your hands shoulder width is completely sufficient and puts less strain on the shoulder capsule.

No-Go-Exercise 6: Deadlift on the Balanceboard

This combination of strength and balance training can overwhelm you, as the central nervous system receives too many stimuli that it can not handle. In addition, to reduce the risk of injury, you should better train on solid ground.

No-Go-Exercise 7: Jumping man with dumbbells

When jumping, you can not stretch your arms properly, because the load of weights is too high. The quality of motion then suffers. So better do cardio exercise with weights and do burpees instead. They are much more effective!

No-go exercises for back problems

The following exercises are well suited for normal training but should be temporarily suspended in case of back problems.

No-Go Exercise 8: Deadlift

Deadlift with a lot of weight, can hit the back if wrong. Better are pelvic lifts, where you lie on your back and raise your butt up.

No-Go Exercise 9: Kettlebell Swings

Usually the exercise is perfect to train the strength endurance. But if you have a loin problem you should do without it. A great alternative is the Farmers Walk, where you carry dumbbells on the extended hanging arm.

No-Go Exercise 10: Roman Lounger

In the case of the Roman couch, your legs rest on the device, the back moves freely up and down in the air. For a weak back, this starting position is fatal – it threatens overload.