Sustainable shopping clothes: That’s how it works

What makes sustainable fashion? And how can so-called cabinet keepers be avoided? Green Shopping experts give tips on how to improve your fashion consumption.

If you want to shop more sustainably, you have to change your consumption – without banning yourself. “It’s about buying less but more valuable,” says Sophia Schneider-Esleben, a sustainability designer from Kassel. Conscious, sustainable fashion consumption is also called slow fashion in contrast to fast fashion.

It is best to think about the following questions before each purchase

Keep clothes in circulation for a long time

Well, of course, classics that can be combined in many ways and so more can be used – such as blouses, shirts, sweaters or jeans in muted colors. Of course, the fun of fashion and the variety should not be neglected. But it does not need much. Designer Schneider-Esleben advises: “A few colorful highlights make for a special knack in everyday outfits.” So the total shrinks the number of cabinet wardens – a positive side effect of the whole thing.

Such occasions can also be easily organized privately with your own friends. “Everyone brings their discarded clothes with them, and then they trade and give away,” van de Pol suggests. The beauty of the action: what has become tired of another pleases oneself.