New Nissan Juke: It must be a bit brave

Nissan has completely renewed its compact lifestyle SUV Juke. On a ten-centimetre longer substructure, the typical shape was retained, but some previously quite controversial features defused. So the Japanese want to address a wider clientele now.

Anyone looking for the translation of the word “Juke” in the English dictionary will find two terms. A trick of the striker in American football is so called, but the word also stands for rather disreputable pubs in the southeastern United States. That’s how it was until nine years ago. Until Nissan stuck the name Juke to the stern of his most unusual model so far. That did not make it to the official dictionary, but in the consciousness of car fans almost everywhere in the world.

New Nissan Juke- It must be a bit brave

A piece of normality
Even Nissan admits that the designers at the first Juke were poled to provocation and have tailored a metal dress according to the motto “love or hate”. After all, more than a million lovers were persuaded. Nevertheless, the designers embarrassed at the behest of the Nissan merchants some features that have previously provided for malice and ridicule of the numerous critics. The new is smoother, clearer and thus a bit more “normal” than before.

Gone are the attached additional lights on both sides of the hood, which looked like foreign matter. The narrow and almost carriage-wide grille has been considerably smaller, is now trapezoidal and bordered by chrome. Daytime running lights in boomerang form grow from its upper corners and emphasize the lower edges of the hood. The predecessor took over the circular headlights, which now show the signature of a ninja star, but with only three points.

New Nissan Juke- It must be a bit brave

The side of the much more discreet contours of the wheel arches are noticeable, the roof still falls gently back and ends in an elegant rear spoiler. The taillights, which were previously wildly curved to half the height of the rear window flanks, now have a normal shape in the usual position. Ponz Pandikuthira, vice president of product planning at Nissan Europe: “With all these measures, we now want to reach customers who could not make friends with the extroverted design of the previous model.” He emphasizes, however, that the basic form and thus also the advantages of the small SUV were not only preserved, but even expanded.

More space and better driving
This means above all the new platform of the Juke, which he shares with other models of the Renault Nissan Alliance, such as Renault Clio or Captur. Thanks to the now eight centimeters longer substructure, the backbenchers can enjoy more room for legs and head. In the now 422 liters capacity trunk fits a large piece of luggage more than before. Other advantages of the new platform are, according to Pandikuthira, higher rigidity, stability and improved cornering performance.

New Nissan Juke- It must be a bit brave

Depending on the equipment version, numerous assistance systems such as distance radar, blind spot warning or automatic emergency braking are on board. Networking with the virtual environment has also arrived in Juke. The Hochbeiner goes along with Google Assistant or can be monitored remotely via app.

Under the hood, there is only one offer to start: The one-liter three-cylinder with turbo makes 117 hp. The complete work was about 23 kilos lighter. About prices and performance Nissan will comment on the launch of sales in November.