16 Interesting Facts About Costa Rica

Most Interesting fact about Costa Rica is a tropical oasis in Central America and there are many things that you knew certainly not about this small, peaceful and ecologically diverse country.

Here are 20 interesting and little known facts about Costa Rica

1. Pura Vida “Pure Life”
one often hears in Costa Rica – it means “pure life” and is used as a synonym for “hello” and “goodbye”.

2. Ticos & Ticas
Residents of Costa Rica call themselves Ticos (for men) and Tica (for women).

3. Ecological Diversity
Costa Rica is one of the greenest countries in the world and has 25 percent of its land area under protection.

4. It is quite small
Costa Rica is less than many lakes in the world.

5. The Head of State is female
The President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, since 2010 is at the head of the state.

6. Many hummingbirds
There are about 52 types of hummingbird in Costa Rica.

7. No army
Costa Rica has his 1949 no fixed army.

8. Expats love the country
Costa Rica is a popular country for American retirees, some of which operate bars and restaurants here.

9. Kingdom of Butterflies
Approximately 10 percent of all worldwide occurring butterflies live in Costa Rica.

10. My other half …
The locals call their partners often playful “media naranja”, which translates as “the other half of my orange” means.

11. Public Etiquette
Yourself blowing your nose in public is frowned in Costa Rica – a not unreasonable tradition …

12. Education for All
Poor children, the schools can not afford to be informed by Costa Rica’s country-wide radio stations.

13. Doodle Tiere
There are approximately 20,000 species of spiders in Costa Rica.

14. Surrounded by two oceans
The country has over 1,250 kilometers of coastline – on the Atlantic and Pacific.

15. Affenhimmel
Costa Rica is full of monkeys, the following four types are most common: howler monkey, squirrel monkeys, spider and capuchin White.

16. Punctual sunset
The sun rises at the same time and under in Costa Rica – 365 days a year!