Last year I traveled to North Korea and got a picture of the country (well, a very censored picture, but still …). Since then, North Korea just does not let go. I follow the news, read blogs, watch documentation … and find so many curious stories about North Korea – I just have to share with you!

I know how bad it is for the country and its population, I do not want to go down at all! Nevertheless, it was permissible to smile at the angry embellishments of the Kim family.

Here they are – 15 curious facts about North Korea:

1. In North Korea the clock ticks differently

Since Kim Il-sung , the founder of North Korea, who was anyway the best pike ever (see next fact), his year of birth (1912) was simply taken as a new time calculation. In North Korea today is therefore not the year 2015, but according to the Juche calendar is now 104th This year is not used by the North Koreans in everyday life, but is used only in the official area. And then the year is usually the same: Juche 104 (2015) .

2. The President is dead – long live the President!

When the founding father of North Korea, Kim Il-sung , died in 1997, he was quickly appointed Eternal President , the Eternal President of North Korea. According to him, he is still the president of this country, even after his death. The current boss in the House Kim Jong-un , on the other hand, is only the Supreme Leader (the Party and the Military). Since 2012 he is also called Great Marshall . But the little fat man is not the president!

As you can see, the person’s cult around Kim Il-sung is crazy … and it gets worse! His son and successor in office, Kim Jong-il had very special skills:

3. The Kim Jong-il does not have to … big

True, this was actually written in an official biography on the official website of North Korea (which is now offline) – Kim Jong-il does not. That would have surprised me, because after all, he can also influence the weather and let it rain depending on the mood or not. But not enough …

4. Forget Tiger Woods – Kim Jong-il is the golf genius!

State media reported in 1994 that Kim Jong-il in a round of golf reached 11 aces – and that at his first golfing game at all. Yeah right! The following comparison helps to classify this performance: the chance to beat two aces in a round of golf is 1: 67,000,000. To land a six in the lottery at 1: 14,000,000.

5. Kim Jong-il’s birth was a feast of rainbows!

According to the official biography of Kim Jong-il, he was born in a secret military camp near Baekdu Mountain, during the Japanese occupation of North Korea. His birth was therefore announced by a double rainbow and marked by the rising of a new star and a swallow in the sky.

The truth, however, looks a little unspectacular: Kim Jong-il was born in 1941 in the small village of Vyatskoye in Siberia. Without rainbow …

6. Pssst! Kim Jong-un has studied in Switzerland!

Under the name Pak Un has the small Moppelchen Kim Jong-un , son of Kim Jong-il , in the International School of Berne studied. He was enrolled there as the son of a North Korean embassy worker. Former classmates recount this Pak Un crazy for basketball, but he was not interested in politics at all. Fits yes …

7. Even the pop music is determined by the Great Marshal

Because Kim Jong-un himself personally brought the Moranbong band together. This is the first female band from North Korea, their music is a mixture of pop, rock and fusion. Here is a little sample: Moranbong Band – Without A Break . The band was founded in 2012 on the grounds of a dramatic turn in the field of literature and art in North Korea.

8. North Korea is the happiest country in the world after China!

Yes, so if the North Korean scientists say so, then that must be true. [Satire Ende] According to the study, isolated dictatorships seem to be the key to happiness. After China and North Korea follow on the list Cuba, Iran and Venezuela. Crazy!

9. North Korea has captured a US Navy ship

And it is the only country in the world that has done this! Of course the North Koreans are very proud of it. On my journey through the country, we visited this ship and were able to listen to our wild talk about these evil American imperialists, which threaten the country to this day, by our guide …

10. North Korea has stolen cars from Sweden!

But true: in 1974, 1,000 cars (Volvo 144 sedan) were sold to North Korea after the Swedish government promised big business with the emerging North Korea. The catch: North Korea is not concerned about agreements and international laws.

The Volvos probably still drive today through Pyongyang , the over 300 million euro debt can be forgotten. Nevertheless, they write annually a reminder to North Korea, for the sake of …

11. The space agency North Korea is called NADA

And this is funny when you speak a little bit of the Spanish language: nada means nothing . I remember a visit to a space museum in Pyongyang – that was the most slanting thing ever. The huge images of rocket launchers on the walls looked from far away for such poor Photoshop manipulation, which was rather funny to look at than impressive.

12. Jeans are forbidden in North Korea!

Fortunately not for tourists, but North Koreans are not allowed to wear jeans. After all, this garment is an invention of the archenemy USA! Pooh devil!

13. There are elections in North Korea – really true!

north korea elections

Every five years the North Koreans are allowed to join the ballot and make the cross in the right place. And although there are actually three parties in the country, there is always one party to choose: the Communist Party of Korea’s Work (PdAK) . Together with the other two parties of North Korea, the Korean Social Democratic Party (KSDP) and the Young Friends’ Friends of the Chondo religion, it forms a united front called the Democratic Front for the Unification of the Fatherland .

14. North Korea is a democracy

Now please keep in mind: according to the constitution of North Korea there are values ​​such as freedom of opinion, freedom of religion, democratic elections … but as we all know, paper is patient and in this case the reality is quite different. Anyone who would like to read the Constitution, please: North Korea Constitution

15. For a Godzilla remake Kim Jong-il kidnapped people

The successful South Korean film director Shin Sang-ok was kidnapped to North Korea by order of Kim Jong-il in 1978. Kim Jong-il was considered a big film lover and wanted to enrich the North Korean film industry with his abduction victim.

The film Pulgasi is Shin Sang-oks best -known film from his time of captivity, before it succeeded in 1986 the escape. And finally the great treat – here you can watch the masterpiece in full length (with English subtitles)!

These are really just some of the many facts about North Korea that have been in my memory. I have tried to find a semi-serious source for each topic, but I can not guarantee that this is 100% true. If you know something else, write a comment!