Strong pressing during bowel movements can be dangerous

Strong pressing during bowel movements can be dangerous

If you do not feel fast enough in the bathroom, you are prone to press hard and push while urinating or defecating. The fact that this can have unpleasant consequences for the health, is the least aware. Five reasons why you should take your time on the toilet.

Strong pressing during bowel movements promotes hemorrhoids

Those who regularly squeeze in the “big business”, increases the risk of hemorrhoids. Because hereby strong pressure is exerted on the vessels and the tissue in the abdomen and bowel area. Older people are more often affected, as they lose strength in connective tissue. But even in young people can form the painful swelling.

According to the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), around four percent of Germans are being treated for hemorrhoids. How many shy away from the doctor is unknown. Those who drink enough and eat high-fiber diets keep the stool soft and prevent constipation .

Anal fissure: When the anal tears

Who squeezes heavily, risking an anal fissure. This is one of the most painful diseases in the rectum. This is a mostly visible mucosal tear in the area of ​​the Aftereingangs, which is noticeable by severe pain, but also bleeding. In any case, then a doctor should be consulted so that the symptoms do not increase further. Hard stools, constipation and heavy pressing are among the triggers.

Strong pressing can push out the rectum

An intestinal prolapse can also be triggered by pressing. What triggers the intestinal prolapse, is still being discussed by medical professionals. What is certain, however, is that prolonged constipation and the associated excessive pressure on the toilet greatly increases the risk. An intestinal prolapse is a sinking down or coming out of the rectum. There are different degrees of severity. Not always there are complaints and many do not even realize that they are affected. But it can also happen that the rectum inverts in the patients at the anus from the inside out. According to experts, women are affected more often.

Risk of cystitis increases

If women put pressure on the bladder while urinating, they are done faster, but they do not do anything good to their bladder. Because pressing can create a negative pressure that causes some urine to be left behind. This so-called residual urine is a good breeding ground for bacteria. The risk of cystitis increases. In addition, a bladder infection can also develop into a painful pyelonephritis.

Especially women suffer from recurring urinary tract infections. It is important that you take your time and the bubble relaxes empty – even if it takes a little longer. Even on a tense squat position women should do better, advises the German Society of Urology.

Pressure while urinating can cause bladder veins to burst

But men also have problems with urination with increasing age and tend to support the evacuation of the bladder by pressing. This can be the case, for example, with a benign enlargement of the prostate, in which the urethra is constricted. Men should not shy away from visiting the urologist. In any case, strong pressing should be avoided, because the pressure can cause blister veins to burst. Then there is blood in the urine – even in such a case, a doctor should be consulted.

If in doubt better to the doctor

Anyone who suffers constipation over and over again despite regular exercise, adequate hydration and high-fiber diet should consult a doctor and have the cause clarified. Only in this way can unpleasant consequences be avoided. Those who conceal this problem from shame, constantly resorting to laxatives or regularly pressing strongly on the toilet, harms the sensitive anal area.