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Game description for the browser game “Rail Nation”:

General description

In the browser game “Rail Nation”, a dedicated railroad entrepreneur builds his own empire in the browser. As the founder of a small railway company, you can turn a sleepy nest into a modern metropolis. First steam locomotives from the 19th century are available to generate a small profit on the first routes with the transport of different goods. The earned money can be invested in research and thus gradually releases newer and better steam, diesel and electric locomotives. Later in the browser game, you can also join forces with other players, expand your route network and become the most influential tycoon over six exciting epochs.

Game tips to Rail Nation

How do you make the fastest progress in Rail Nation in the first few hours? How do I build my first railway line and how do I invest my earned money as effectively as possible in new locomotives? If you are new to the Rail Nation browser game and are looking for answers to these and other questions about the game, you should take a look at our article with many practical tips for getting started .

Time for Pioneers: Master of the Future of Rail Nation

Whether the development of the steam locomotive that strongly supported the industrial revolution, or the invention of electric locomotives that accompany us to this day – in the history of the railroad, there have always been changes that meant progress.

While some clung to the old technologies and never heard of them again, those who supported these changes successfully entered history.

Rail Nation will soon be experiencing immense innovation, offering new strategic and tactical opportunities to every player who has ever played Rail Nation. There is a lot to discover and work on. The changes can be summarized in three categories:

Integration of six new passenger locomotives
Reformation of the six research trees
New attributes for each already known locomotive
Six new passenger locomotives

As early as 2017, we conducted surveys in the Rail Nation Community to find six new passenger locomotives. You have decided and selected these six models:

Epoch 1: NYC Hudson
Epoch 2: Southern Pacific Class GS-4
Epoch 3: Green Diamond
Epoch 4: ALCO PA-1
Epoch 5: LIMRV
Period 6: Caravaggio

This means that there are now two and not just one passenger locomotive per epoch with which people can be transported between the cities. Depending on the length of the route and the extent of the waiting times, one of the two locomotives can play to their strengths.

This change does not affect Rail Nation – USA. As usual, the passenger feature will be available exclusively on Classic and Steam over Europe.

Restoration of all six research trees

Of course, the six new locomotives must be integrated into the research trees. But we did not just insert them between two old locomotives into the existing research trees. Rather, we took the opportunity to completely redesign the research pathways and research point costs. After the research trees in Rail Nation were first changed at the initial introduction of the Passenger Trains [Braces Off], we deliberately break with old habits to provide variety to all players in gameplay. The times when every epoch could be blindly explored are first passé. Now brain lard can be activated again!

New attributes of all locos

In order to make the overhaul of the research in Rail Nation perfect, we did not miss the opportunity to tackle the well-known locomotives. After rearranging the research trees and integrating the six passenger locomotives, all locomotives were given new values ​​in the categories speed, acceleration, traction, reliability and cost.

Our focus was on balancing and optimizing balancing within each epoch.

The new values ​​now guarantee that there will be at least one locomotive from each of the categories short-haul, sprinter, all-rounder, traction monster, long-distance locomotive and long-running burners in every era. Every single locomotive now fulfills its own purpose and can be used in certain situations. For every kind of timetable there are the right locomotives in all six epochs and every player can send the locomotives according to their own playing style.