Rihanna with new trend hairstyle

When it comes to hairstyle Rihanna has never happy set. But her new haircut seems the singer really love – whether it is the right one this time?

From loyalty keeps Rihanna (28, “Diamonds” apparently) nothing. At least not when it comes to their hairstyle goes. In fact, the singer has, by almost all through: of red curls on brown Extensions up to the black bob – longer than a few weeks it seems to bear it with no haircut. Now she has another new: His name is Bob, Long Bob. And it goes well with her.

Rihanna with new trend hairstyle

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It has won praise, as he was nicknamed, already numerous other celebrity women head turned: Kim Kardashian , Victoria Beckham and Cara Delevingne were until recently seen with him. Now therefore also has Rihanna opted for him and the same still worried for a style update. Instead Classic with center parting wears Popdiva their praise namely with trendy pony and in noble bronze colors. How well she feels with her ​​new companion, it proves to numerous Instagram posts. Let’s see how long Rihanna can stand it with him, maybe it’s time the right thing!