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Ford Fiesta ST and VW Polo GTI in the test

The roles in the sporty small car are clearly distributed: The VW Polo GTI mimics the well-groomed power dwarf, the Ford Fiesta ST the bully. Its turbocharged engine does have a cylinder less, but also comes to 200 hp. So who’s chasing who? drive steering costs Conclusion For a change, we push aside the topic space and functionality for now. Since the Normalo-Polo […]

These are the new echoes from Amazon

Amazon recently introduced a fresh echo lineup. From today’s Thursday, the new devices are officially available. Voice control has been one of the biggest technology trends for some time now . Amazon also recognized this early and just a few weeks ago introduced the now third generation of its small, […]

Kim Kardashian West criticizes the fashion taste of her sisters

On a trip to Japan, her sisters Kim Kardashian West’s outfits were so embarrassing that she confronted Khloé and Kourtney. They fired back – right at Kim’s husband and designer, Kanye West . The style of Kim Kardashian West (37) can be argued – even within the Kardashian clan, not everyone is in agreement about fashion. In the current episode of the reality show […]

After a political statement by Taylor Swift: This is how Donald Trump reacts

Donald Trump vs. Taylor Swift ! After the singerappealed to the Democratsvia Instagram , the US President now spoke in person and shot back against Swift . It was a reverberating statement: US pop star Taylor Swift (28, “reputation”) spoke politically yesterday for the first time yesterday. In a long statement on Instagramshe made it clear that she will support the […]