We present: The new trend material of the summer

This summer, another fabric has gotten a place on our must-have list – what’s up with the trend fabric and how you can integrate it into your everyday life, we betray you.

A new trend would like to conquer our wardrobes and hearts: garments made of seersucker. The fabric is a must have this summer and that is a cause for pleasure, because the material is perfect for warm summer days. But what exactly is Seersucker?

This is Seersucker

You may know the trendy fabric from your bedding. Seersucker is mostly made of cotton and has a crepe-like surface with gathered stripes or other patterns. The first practical advantage of the material: Seersucker does not have to be ironed and does not wrinkle. Thanks to the cotton does not scratch the fabric, but it is airy soft on your skin and prevents excessive sweating – what more do we want on hot summer days?

So you wear the trend fabric

Seersucker is versatile and you can wear and combine the trendy fabric this summer in many variations. A popular variant is seersucker tops that you can wear casually on a pair of trousers or a skirt. Especially with jeans, the trendy material harmonizes great. But even with a skirt or a shorts made of seersucker you make this summer a top figure. On cool summer evenings you can grab a current Seersucker It-Piece: the blazer. If you can not get enough of the airy fabric, you can dress up all over with Seersucker and shine in a dress.

The trend fabric can be transferred to almost your entire wardrobe and accompanies you to the beach – bikinis and swimsuits get with Seersucker a touch of retro and flatter your figure.

Seersucker in the color world

The choice of color in Seersucker is easy: white and cream-colored pieces of seersucker are particularly suitable for everyday use and at the same time chic. But the trend material actually cuts a fine figure in every color. Even pastel colors and bright tones like orange are great for the trendy fabric and are your perfect companion on warm summer days.