Tops & Tops Pebble Beach

Once a year, the rich meet in California to marvel at their cars . Find a flop. That is why our tops and tops show the highlights of the event. A concentrated load of superlatives, but also some, which you would not have expected.

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A rosy world that does not exist. Or is it? When you enter the entrance area of ​​The Quail, it is like leaving the “normal” life for a day at the reception. But where to go with the pile of prejudices that have been so neatly arranged? Super rich, champagne, caviar, swank and cars that are once a year in the fresh air. Well, all of that is true. Nevertheless, The Quail is even more.

Mike is currently busy with his Austin Healey 100M Le Mans . He pulls the belt strap over the hood. When he realizes that he is being watched, he looks up and smiles: “I just have to fix something here so that it looks perfect,” the American chats lightly. In 1962, his father bought him the heavily battered race car for $ 1,500. “My old man said that I needed a decent car for school,” says the man with the red cap and white mustache.

With the Austin Healey to high school

For eight years, Mike and his father have restored the Austin Healey , completely on their own. Since then he has not left the family. Would he sell him? “A few weeks ago, a prospect offered me a check for five million dollars. I refused. He finally belongs to the family, “asserted the Californian. While driving to high school in his youth, he drives with him once a month, usually on Sundays.

Brain, who sits a few rows farther in a gold-printed camping chair bearing the letters “The Quail”, drives his Ferrari more often. One year ago he bought a 1983 Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalole. ” Driving a Ferrari is like a carnival,” says the San Francisco developer, describing what it’s like to drive a car like this in everyday life. “All people are watching, they’re standing on the road, they’re happy and beckoning.”

Either Ferrari or cycling

He enjoys it visibly, even the red when shopping in the supermarket often comes across its spatial limits: “There just does not fit in so much,” admits Brain. But he has no alternative, because he does not have a second car: “I could at most change to my bike,” he laughs and approves a sip of champagne.

Each of the car owners has a sparkling wine in their hands. Some people put the empty glasses on the artificial turf floor in front of their cars . Like a beer can. Although the women decorate themselves with hats, but look less to Ascott, but rather in the casual straw look. Most visitors combine slippers or sneakers with their suits, but some also come in shorts and a Ferrari shirt. The women wear plateau sandals instead of stilettos so as not to sink into the ground.

Jay Leno’s buddy builds pre-war car

Even Gary Wales has a straw hat on his head. But he has decorated this individually. With photos of his sweetheart, a La Bestioni “The Beast”, a pre-war roadster in gigantic proportions. The buddy of Jay Leno is very busy: “A year ago we pulled the gem here from the forest. Then we restored it directly. “

That went pretty fast? “Yes,” explains the sprightly mustache bearer in beige trousers and waistcoat, “I am no longer the youngest! No time should be gone. “Schwups, and a sip of champagne afterwards. Gary is a little star on the Quail, he always has a crowd of enthusiastic fans around.

Most people here are likely to be damn rich or at least have the gift of making it look that way. They call their dogs “Enzo” and every ten minutes, there is noise in the sky when a helicopter lands again. There’s no schnitzel at the cold buffet, but “Spice Rubbed Salmon”, “Marinated Fregola Sarda” and “Roasted Cauliflower”.

Manufacturers show the solvent clientele

Inzwischen haben so ziemlich alle US-relevanten Autohersteller The Quail für sich entdeckt und nutzen die Location für ihre Premieren. Links enthüllt Bugatti den Divo, rechts zeigt Audi das Showcar PB 18 e-tron. Da macht Infiniti gleich mal mit und packt den Prototype 10 dazu. Ach ja, und Lamborghini stellt den Aventador SVJ noch auf die Bühne. Jede Wette, dass der im kommenden Jahr in mehrfacher zwischen goldenen Campingstühlen auf dem robusten Rasen steht.

Because the people here love their cars . Probably they would also be satisfied with light beer from the tin, if it stood around here so prominently as the champagne glasses. As long as they sit on camping chairs and are proud of what stands next to them. Whether it’s a carbon Pagani Huayra, a Ferrari F50 or a purple Lamborghini Aventador Performante. A love car enthusiasts understand. And luckily it scales arbitrarily.