Top 10 White Nail Designs for Women’s

Whether you’ve got a fun night out planned or want something to do while you catch up on The Voice with friends, grabbing some nail polish is always a great option.

Painting your nails (or having someone else paint them) puts many of us on the fast track to feeling fashionable and confident. And we’ve got the very best white nail designs to inspire you this summer.

While we love a more colorful nail, this stark style just can’t be beat. A simple white nail or white tip is classic on its own, or it can be a perfect canvas for just about any design. Other than the obvious go-to that comes to mind (a French tip),

you could get creative with a black-and-white design, a trendy floral print or a bunch of glitter. Make it acrylic; make it gel—either way, you look good and you know it.

Even though a white nail is so versatile, thinking of a cute design—and executing it well—can be tricky. Thankfully, nail technicians have you covered with French tip variations, pops of color,

holiday prints and much more. Here are 35 of our favorites. It’ll be hard to pick just one, so be sure to bookmark this for the next time you need an idea!

Elegant Leaf Design

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Perfect for a summer beach trip, check out this leaf design by @bellacures. If you can’t stop looking at the darling detail, you’re not alone!