Top 10 Trending Beautifull Butterfly Tattoo Designs For Ladies

Butterfly tattoos: what is their meaning + 10 designs for women

utterfly tattoos are one of the most tattooed designs on the skin of women and men throughout the world. This is not only due to its beautiful aesthetics, but also to the incredible meaning that our culture gives to this beautiful, elegant and colorful animal .

With minimalist aesthetics, micro size, in color, inserted in a design that is an authentic work of art… do you know that you want to get a butterfly tattoo, but you don’t know what design or in what area of ​​the body? Get inspired by the work of the best professional tattoo artists for your next tattoo.

1. Fine line butterfly tattoo on the arm

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2. Shared Butterfly Tattoo

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3. Butterfly tattoo inspired by the work of Christian Schloe

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4. Mini butterfly tattoo

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5. Butterfly and flower tattoo

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6. Watercolor effect butterfly tattoo

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7. Butterfly tattoo with landscape

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9. Butterflies, hearts and stars tattoo

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10. Butterfly tattoo behind the ear

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What is the meaning of butterfly tattoos

As we have anticipated, we cannot say exactly what butterfly tattoos mean, as it varies according to the culture and individual beliefs of each woman and man, but, as a general rule, these are the ones that are most attributed to them.

  • Transformation and rebirth. The butterfly goes through a transformation process from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. This cycle is interpreted as a symbol of positive change, rebirth, overcoming challenges, evolution and personal growth .
  • Freedom. Its wings and the ability to fly symbolize freedom, the search for personal freedom, expansion of horizons and the ability to overcome difficulties .
  • Beauty and femininity. Being delicate and feminine creatures, they are associated with femininity, grace and natural beauty. They also represent connection with nature .
  • Spirituality and soul. In some cultures it is believed that butterflies are messages between the earthly and spiritual worlds, which is why they symbolize the connection with the spiritual world, the transformation of the soul and the search for greater transcendence .
  • Joy and positivity. It is believed that the butterfly brings positive energies and happiness, so they can represent the search for joy, hope and optimism in life .
  • Self-love and self-confidence. He is a free being, capable of anything and of great beauty, qualities related to self-love and self-esteem .

Now that you know what it means to get a butterfly tattoo, it’s time to look at the different butterfly designs for tattoos that you can get, as there are a multitude of possible drawings. We have organized them into 10 different categories with more than 50 images of butterfly tattoos .