Top 10 French Nail Designs for Women’s

Perhaps the most undefeated nail trend to exist is the classic French manicure. This might sound like an effusive claim, but think about it, this chic nude and white combo has consistently stood steady among the endless cycle of nail trends. Why? It’s a timeless look. Even your favorite celebrities will agree— Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Bieber, and Selena Gomez are among the many stars that rely on this unwavering style time after time.

However, if you’re looking to add some excitement to your nails, there are so many ways to experiment with French manicures that offer a refreshing departure from the traditional nude and white colorway. We would highly recommend choosing different shades, experimenting with various textures, or even dabbling in fun nail art. And if you’re in a bit of a creative rut, don’t you worry. We’ve curated a list of the most stylish French manicures for every mood. Whether you’re a simple gal who prefers the classic French mani look, or you’re trying to spice things up with a range of hues and designs, we’ve got an assortment of styles that you’ll definitely want to show your nail artist the next time you take a visit to the salon.

Barbie-Inspired French Manicure

Barbie pink french tips 💕 : r/Nails

Barbie-mania might have simmered down a bit, but the obsession with hues of pink isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’re loving this vibrant pink French manicure dipped in chrome.

Heart Adorned French Manicure

Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas For 2024 - MyGlamm

What better way to express self love than to treat yourself to a heart adorned French manicure? Instead of traditional French manicure tips, this style utilizes meticulously drawn hearts to outline the tip of the nail.

Playful French Manicure

French Manicure: Elevate Your Spring Look with 40 Stunning Ideas

Brighten up your day with smiley faces, florals, and stars — a playful interpretation of emoji-like symbols.

Skinny French Manicure

58 French Tip Nails | Swoonworthy Designs & Inspiration | BeautyStack

Classic French manicures often feature relatively thick tips, but this particular style offers an interesting twist with fine lines that make just as much of an impact. We saw this all over the NYFW runways. It will be a big nail trend for Spring/Summer ‘24.

Embellished French Manicure

20+ French Tip Nail Designs: Tracing the Evolution of the Classic Look -

Looking for NYE inspo? With crystal tips that are undeniably festive, we think this manicure might just be it.

Glazed French Manicure

Glazed French Manicure: The Dream Nails of a Minimalist | ND Nails Supply

Yes this is a glazed donut manicure, but look closely beneath the glossy layer and you’ll notice a subtle French tip. Consider this polished and practical style for your everyday nail look.

Wavy French Manicure

20 Latest French Manicure Nail Art in 2024 - MyGlamm

Get creative with intricate designs, such as these wavy green tips. We’re absolutely loving this retro-esque pattern.

Color Block French Manicure

Nail Trends 2024

Pick your three favorite colors and show your nail artist this look. Once you try this color block style, there’s no turning back. We guarantee you’ll rock this statement manicure again and again.

Fine China-Inspired French Manicure

20 Latest French Manicure Nail Art in 2024 - MyGlamm

Inspired by your grandmother’s China cabinet? Take it to your manicurist for a gorgeous white-and-blue creation.

Classic French Manicure, Upgraded

The French Mani Is Back (But Not the Way You Remember It)

One white swoop? That’s a classic French. Add the second and you have super-unique nail art.