These are the five best meditation exercises

We have enough of the stress  and everyone  needs a break. And that works best with these little meditation exercises: very easy and even without cross-legged!

Eventually, the everyday stress gets us all. Since a small breather is just right – and succeeds best with small meditation exercises in between.

body hike

Meditation does not have to be esoteric or elaborate. One of the easiest and at the same time most effective exercises for beginners is the body journey – which can be done unnoticed everywhere. Whether in the office, in the train or even at the noisy airport. Just close your eyes while sitting or standing and mentally wander through your body. Begin at the top of the skull, across the face, shoulders, and stomach to the tips of your toes – and then back again. This reflection on your own body does not work for everyone immediately. But it reduces stress in just a few minutes and even promotes concentration. Good Trip!

abdominal breathing

Most of the time we were unconscious. The way it says a lot about our stress level. For example, when we are in a hustle and bustle, breathing becomes faster and shallower. But here you can counteract: Concentrate on inhaling and exhaling and feel the air deep over the lungs to the stomach. To help, you can put your hands on your stomach and feel it move up and down. Repeat at least ten times, the longer the better.

Walking meditation

The rule here is: the way is the goal. The next time you rush from A to B in the stress of everyday life, take a few minutes and really take the steps once. Do you consciously put one foot in front of the other and feel the soles of your feet touching the ground, maybe you even notice a slight tingling sensation? You can determine the duration of this method yourself. Super way, as a short break for all office people.

Fantasy travel

This exercise is often done with children – but works just as well with adults. Just think about your last beach vacation. Try to remember the sand between your feet, the salt water on the skin and the wind blowing through your hair.

Gratitude Meditation

In general, we tend to worry about unimportant things too often – and forget what we can be grateful for. High time to change this. Take your time for that. Close your eyes and imagine a person that is or was important to you. Mentally formulate a sentence with which you thank this person. Let go of the show again and repeat with one or more other people. And already the little everyday exciters are only half as bad!