The Ten Most Bizarre Problem Areas

Have you ever heard of low arms, calves or thick earlobes? One of them could be your problem area … But do not worry, we’ll clarify the ten most bizarre problem areas – women and men – and tell you all the tips we know about. However , you can also be self-confident about some of these problem areas ! For example, each of us has a chocolate bag! Simply delicious, these problem areas …!

Back fat!

Fortunately, you do not have eyes at the back, but you do not want to look wider when you’re having sx or on the street than you need to. Grab your shirt and the back area behind your waist. (We do not mean the bacon, but the superfluous skin on the side of your back.

This is a “fat back”. Not broad shoulders or a supposedly trained swimmer’s cross. Unfortunately, we have no advice on how to get rid of your fat right where you are, because back fat is one of the accumulations of fat, against the targeted “lateral abdominal muscle training” helps little. What helps: wear the right pants, in case of doubt with a higher waistband.

Bang calves

There are women who are graceful, athletic and thin and have endlessly long legs … And then they are there and disfigure the silhouette: bright calves! Plump calf muscles act like a foreign body on the gazelle leg! As tight as the thighs are, when a woman has thick calf muscles (muscles and possibly a layer of fat), the longest legs unfortunately seem like a single problem zone. Our tip: less training your legs. Or you wear knee socks or colorful tights and just stand there. Finally, the rest of your legs are beautiful!

Lower abdomen!

Very, very nasty. Granted: somewhere we are beset by all bacon rolls. But a nasty abdomen, nobody wants. Then the pants really are not going to work anymore. Bacon rolls are still elegant about it, but the thick layers of fat above the pubic or between the bars annoying. To disturb. And do not go away. By the way, it really only helps with diet or surgery (especially after a lot of weight loss.)

Orange peel!

Not new, but must be on this list. It is the eternal problem zone of all women, or at least 99 percent of all women. We appreciate. And 99 percent of all men on earth do not really feel dents within the fat layers. As long as the fat layers on the rest of the body are distributed in moderation. The latter of course also applies to the masters of creation.

Nose bacon!

Thick lips are not bad, but big noses! Unfortunately, as soon as your nose throws several folds at the root, because the fat has to go somewhere, you are unfortunately too fat. At least in the place. Helps only fewer mental folds on the forehead. And maybe an operation. On the other hand, you should never forget that noses are clear characteristics. And better a conspicuous nose than breathing problems.


As soon as you do not have a watch, you have a big problem. But if you have a normal wrist and do not have to tie two ribbons together at festivals, then everything is in butter. Otherwise, you are among those who have buff skin on their arms. Between hand and arm, more precisely. Yes, there are better places for body fat. Especially those where you do not see it all the time.

Chocolates bags!

We personally like this problem zone best! Finally a positive sounding name for a problem zone. By the way, this means the skin area that swells out when you press your arms close to your upper body. Yes exactly! This useless Fetthautschicht triangle, which seems superfluous especially in summer or evening gowns. Why is it there? So that you can wave your arms! A man who loves your orange peel! What helps against your chocolate bags now? Humor. Less chocolates. More cardigans.

Hanging earlobes!

Older people often complain about it, but many young people are already plaguing loose, hanging or worn earlobes. The look then ugly and flabby, especially if you wear heavy earrings. The ear is indeed made of cartilage, but also of skin! As a woman, you should not wear earrings everyday, and as a man, do not play around with it, pondering over something with your fingers. Even if it has a calming effect.