The right hair care in summer

The ideal hair care in summer: We have put together the best tips for you so that your hair is optimally protected in the summer

Summer is the most beautiful season of the year. The warming sun provides us with happiness hormones, and we can finally spend a lot of time outdoors again. But as nice as it is to bathe in the sun, for the body means sun stress. While we protect our skin with sunscreen, the hair care is often too short in the summer, although the sun strains the hair heavily.

The best tips for hair care in summer

The hair care is particularly important in summer , because the UV radiation from the sun and the heat strain on the hair. And as much as you like to fall into the cool water at warm temperatures , the salt water of the sea and the chlorinated water in swimming pools strain the hair additionally.

The result: The hair becomes brittle and dull and the scalp reacts irritated. However, to avoid hair damage and to protect the scalp, you can do a lot.

1 Cut tips

Cut tips

Before going on summer vacation, you should plan a visit to the barber to have the tips cut. Healthy tips are more resistant to environmental influences and the sun, salt and chlorine can not damage the hair so quickly. If the hair ends are healthy, you can tame your hair better, so a fresh haircut is the basis for proper hair care in the summer.

2 Wear headgear

In order to protect your hair and scalp optimally, you should always wear a hat in the summer. With an airy summer hat or a cotton cloth, you can ensure that the hair does not come into direct contact with the aggressive UV rays. Especially blondes should wear a headgear in the summer, because with light hairs there is a high risk of sunburn on the scalp.

3 Use sunscreen spray

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you should use a sunscreen spray for hair care in the summer . Especially in summer holidays, where hours of sunbathing, the salty sea water and the chlorine water of the pool strain your hair, a sunscreen spray is the ideal helper. The spray encloses the hair with a protective film to counteract the stress caused by sun, salt and chlorine.

4 Rinse hair regularly

Seawater and chlorine water dry your hair. After bathing, it is therefore important to rinse your hair directly with fresh water. In the evening you should always pamper your hair with a nourishing shampoo to rid it of residues.