The most beautiful of all: The new Miss World comes from Mexico

The most beautiful woman in the world is now called Vanessa Ponce de Leon and comes from Mexico. 

Vanessa Ponce de Leon is the most beautiful woman in the world. The Mexicanwoman was namedthe new Miss World 2018 inSanya, China.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful in the world?” The answer is: the 26-year-old Vanessa Ponce de Leon from Mexico . The Mexican woman won the Miss World 2018 in Sanya, China . She prevailed in the final of the beauty contest against the Thai Nicolene Pichapa Limsnukan (20).

“We all need us”

The new Miss World has a degree in International Business and is currently on the board of directors of a rehabilitation center for girls. She also volunteers for migrants. She works for the National Youth Institute and works as a model as well as a presenter. In her spare time she plays volleyball and likes to paint. Her favorite TV series is “Downton Abbey” and her motto is “We all need each other”.