So powerful is Mercedes’ electric flagship EQS

The Mercedes E-SUV named EQC is already on the road, at the IAA in September, the electric van EQV is presented – and what we see here is already the future electric flagship of the Stuttgart Group: The EQS. In any case, what the graphic designer of Carwow derived from the first Erlkönig photos.

The shape is somewhat reminiscent of the Mercedes CLS, the front is logically related to that of the EQC – but more beautiful, because more oriented to a radiator grille as a pure plastic surface. One can only hope that the Carwow graphic artist has hit reality with his rendering .

The roof line drops off flat and continues over a long tailgate to the rear end. The window line is slightly bent upwards, the window area seems to taper towards the front, which reinforces the coupé-like shape of the EQS. The windows are frameless, the door handles will probably extend as in the current S-Class.

So powerful is Mercedes' electric flagship EQS

The headlights are very narrow, despite the camouflage film can be seen. They reach far into the fenders. All in all, the EQS looks very flat.

The EQS builds on the modular electrical architecture (MEA), which will also form the basis for the following EQ models.

So powerful is Mercedes' electric flagship EQS

Is still the question of drive and range. Compared to the EQC, the Mercedes EQS should grow a bit, after all, it is the flagship of the series. So we can expect about 500 kilometers of WLTP range, and therefore of a battery with a higher capacity than the 80 kWh in the EQC. The performance should also exceed that of the SUV (408 hp). Of course, all-wheel drive, because the electric motors sit on both axles.

The space in the interior should be opulent, thanks to long wheelbase and space-saving components.

As the Mercedes EQS really looks, we will probably experience 2020, before he rolls in 2021 to the dealers.