Ricardo Gareca: The Analysis of Peru Team Against Brazil

Ricardo Gareca, coach of the Peruvian team, said that Brazil “was effective” against the national team. He also said he liked the team “as to the attitude and delivery”, despite losing 3-0 at Arena Fonte Nova.

“Football is effective. Brazil was effective and they justified the victory with their effectiveness. We could not be effective. The first situation that arrived materialized. I liked the team in terms of attitude and commitment. I have to handle all the players. Joel (Sanchez) may be able at another time, “said Ricardo Gareca.


“Against Brazil you can expect a result like this. They came for this. We are playing a team that has a significant offensive capability. Brazil was provided to certain issues,” he added.

“These games will allow us to grow. We chose to select a path that we understand and we believe that will allow us to grow. At times not leave us well, in others do. You take certain risks on this level. The success of Brazil does not allow any discussion, “he said.

“We have the potential to recover. We would be in the wrong if confundiéramos a football thought way. You get improved with each passing game. It will be subject to analysis why we lost. For any defense it is difficult to control a team like Brazil,” said Ricardo Gareca at a press conference.

“The road is hard, but we are able to win games that allow us to add. Brazil made the first goal for the defensive unit, not because he has been the team pulled forward. We put people in office to control the side. The result has to do with effectiveness, “said Argentina coach.

“Brazil’s second goal eluded our four players, not that you have found spaces. Visually what I do, is not that Brazil has caught us totally unarmed. I’ll have to discuss. We’re playing against a team that allows me not to settle with the result. I do not like getting three goals, “he said.

“The analysis said that we were not good in the first four games, we did not expect this. We hoped that we would not be with this score. Not with this amount of goals (against). We show things with Colombia and Chile things. We came here against a tough team. We came with the mentality to win. I do not see the choice to speculate. For us, we take precautions, “he concluded.