Q-Tip and Co .: You should never clean your ears like this

Even though the body cleans the ears on its own, many people believe that they need help. Often Q-Tips are used. But the small cotton buds are anything but good helper when it comes to cleaning the ears. We explain why this is so and what you can use alternatively. ,

Earwax is unattractive, no question. But it is a sign that our body is working. Finally, lard moistens the ear canal and also maintains the skin’s natural acid mantle. Earwaxoffers protection against infections. The tiny hairs inside the ear canal, by a flickering movement, ensure that skin particles and dirt are transported outside. This mass then collects in the auricle, which many people find disturbing.

In order to eliminate the last remainder of these particles, they then use a Q-Tip. The cotton swab only makes things worse, because it pushes the earwax deeper into the ear canal . This can even injured or irritated the eardrum. Once the ear canal isclogged with ear wax , only a visit to the ear, nose and throat doctor helps. In order to avoid this, it is better to stop using Q-Tips in the future. After all, there are other simple tricks to cleanse your ears.

Remove earwax correctly

The ear is an extremely sensitive area of ​​our body and should be cleaned accordingly. Means that even if you have a graft from ear wax in the ear canal have and listen noticeably worse, you should not resort to sharp objects such as pins, paper gorges or tweezers to remove them. This can cause serious damage! Here is actually recommended a visit to the doctor.

You can easily remove normal earwax yourself, at best using soft materials such as a towel, a washcloth or cotton wool pads. It is best to clean your ears directly under the shower.

Just let some warm water run into your ear. Thus, the secretions liquefy and can then be easily removed with a towel or handkerchief. It is also important here that you do not press both too deeply into the auditory canal . Otherwise, the effect is ultimately similar to the cotton swab . Alternatively, you can clean your ear with some soap or a mild shower gel.

Some people also swear by ear candles. They put a special, very thin candle in their ear, which is then lit. However, this alternative method of ear cleaning is controversial among experts. Many warn against the risk that users can burn themselves by the flowing wax in the face or on the auricle. If the wax penetrates the ear, it can even damage the eardrum.

So if you want to hear well in the future and keep your ears clean, you should resort to the simple and ear-friendly variant and from now on only soft materials such as a towel or washcloths to your eavesdroppers. So persistent earwax soon has no chance!