Playstation 4 Pro or Xbox One X: Which game console is better?

At the end of 2017, nearly twice as many PlayStation and Xbox consoles went down the counter. In this issue of the “technology duel” clarifies whether Sony’s console is better than the competitor from Microsoft.

1. The technique

While the current PlayStation 4 Pro appeared in November 2016, Microsoft launched its high-end console a year later. This allowed Microsoft to equip the Xbox with more modern components. So the Xbox One X is much faster and more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro due to more memory and improved processor and graphics card. Experts anticipate the launch of the successor PlayStation 5 in 2019 at the earliest, but a market launch in 2020 is also possible.

Both consoles are approximately the same width and high. However, Sony’s console is over eight inches deeper. And while the PlayStation 4 Pro comes with air cooling, the Xbox One X works with quiet water cooling.

2. The graphic

Both consoles have written a better and sharper picture on the flag. Real, so-called native 4K offers the Xbox One X currently for about 150 announced and published games. All other games are extrapolated from the lower resolution to 3,840 to 2,160 pixels using an algorithm. The PlayStation 4 Pro, however, can not render native 4K resolution. The image is always enlarged with only one program. The average user will only see small differences between scaled and native 4K. Only on very large TV sets stand out the high-resolution image and the fluid movements with up to 60 frames per second of the Xbox.

The PlayStation 4 Pro, unlike the Xbox does not provide a 4K Blu-ray drive. Ultra high definition 4K video can only be streamed via YouTube or Netflix. Both consoles can display HDR (“High Dynamic Range”), which allows a higher contrast range and richer colors. The icing on the cake is again provided by the Xbox, which provides spatial home theater sound thanks to Dolby Atmos support.

3. The accessories

Both controllers look very similar at first glance, but differ in detail. So the arrangement of the keys and the so-called analog sticks is different: With the PlayStation these are in line, Microsoft designers have however reversed the directional pad and left analog stick. Often, therefore, the input device of the Xbox is perceived as pleasant. Whether one of the two gamepads is more ergonomic or better, but remains a matter of taste.

In terms of additional accessories, Sony has the edge: Fans of Virtual Reality can not ignore the PlayStation. Your optional VR headset blurs the line between reality and play. Although Microsoft is also working on additional accessories. However, the “Holo Lens” is so far only designed for augmented reality. With the Microsoft glasses so virtual objects can only be projected into reality.

4. Games and apps

Many well-known games can be found on Microsoft’s Xbox as well as Sony’s PlayStation. Both console manufacturers are trying to offer games exclusively with exclusive deals. While PlayStation has always stood for the action game “Uncharted” and the racing simulation “Gran Turismo”, the Xbox lured with the shooter “Halo” and the racing simulation “Forza”. Today, Sony has more exclusive titles than Microsoft. So not only known franchises such as Marvel’s “Spider-Man” find the exclusive way to the PlayStation. But new games such as “Detroit: Become Human” the “Heavy Rain” makers or VR games such as “Blood & Truth” appear exclusively on the PlayStation. In addition to old acquaintances can be found on the exclusive list of the Xbox no real cracker.

Both consoles offer a variety of apps in addition to games. This means that the popular streaming providers such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify and Co can also be used on the console. While Sony puts the emphasis on gaming, Microsoft sees the Xbox as an “all-in-one entertainment system.” Therefore, it also has an HDMI input, which can be connected, for example, satellite or cable receiver. With it you can directly control it via the Xbox TV and the TV receiver.

5. The backward compatibility

Both consoles are basically not backwards compatible. That is, older games do not run on the new consoles. With “PlayStation Now”, Sony offers a service that allows games to be played over the Internet. Even classics, mostly from the PlayStation 3, can be played for a monthly fee of 15 euros – assuming the Internet line is fast enough.

Microsoft ported old Xbox 360 games as well as classics of the first Xbox to the newest generation. Players have to insert the old disk, as a result, the download of a revised version starts. This service is free. Thus, not only old games can be played again without additional costs. Anyone can buy on eBay and Co old Xbox 360 games – and rising – to revive his memories. What you need to consider when buying on eBay classifieds, for example , you can find out here.

6. Play online

To be able to play online in multiplayer mode, an additional service must be subscribed to on both consoles: both “PlayStation Plus” and “Xbox Live Gold” cost just under 60 euros per year. In addition to exclusive discounts, both companies give their users several games monthly. Unlike PlayStation players, “Xboxlers” are mostly well-known – albeit older – games.

By the way, in both cases the offer comparison on the internet is worthwhile. Often there are coupon code memberships significantly cheaper elsewhere than directly from Sony or Microsoft.

7. The price

While the Xbox One X initially cost more than € 500, the prices have fallen, especially in recent months. The Xbox One X is available with a controller for just over $ 400. The PlayStation 4 Pro with the same delivery is available for a little less than 400 euros. In both cases, the purchase of so-called “Bundles” worthwhile: In the scope of delivery one or more current games are settled at a cheaper total price.

After short rashes of up to 70 euros, the games of both consoles have now settled at around 60 euros. Often these are issued with a recommended retail price of 70 euros. However, large traders usually sell them a little cheaper.

8. The conclusion

There is no price advantage for the consoles. The current difference of around 50 euros, the Xbox make up for the higher performance and the built-in 4K Blu-ray player. The most fluent and sharpest picture is being given to console gamers on the Xbox One X. However, the PlayStation 4 Pro has more exclusive titles available – and more promising games will appear in the future. If it is a game that only appears for the PlayStation, then a sharper picture will not change the decision.

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