Nobody watches “Head Full of Honey”

Well, the headline is a little over the top. A few people then viewed Til Schweiger’s Hollywood remake of “Honey in the Head”. At the second cinema weekend, however, it was already so few that theoretically the filmmaker could personally thank each and every one of them.

What is going on? “Honey in the head” with Dieter Hallervorden in the lead role of the suffering from Alzheimer Amandus was finally not only Til Schweiger’s most successful film. With more than seven million moviegoers, the strip is also one of the largest German screen-Abräumern of all time.

But as successful as “honey in the head” was, so the remake “Head Full of Honey” with Nick Nolte in the role of the now Amadeus dementia patient is now developing into a total disaster. Even in the US, for the Schweiger version with the Hollywood star certainly realized in the first place, the director experienced his blue wonder. Only four cinemas showed the movie here at all, but after a short time took it out of the program. The box office totaled a ridiculous $ 12,350.

155 spectators

Well, maybe the Americans are just not ready for the touching story, you might think. But even in Germany, “Head Full of Honey” is a catastrophic pipe-breaker. When the film was released in cinemas in Germany this past weekend, a few thousand people still wanted to see it. On the second weekend, however, things looked different.

As the industry service “Blickpunkt: Film” reports, it brought “Head Full of Honey” last weekend just handpicked 155 spectators. At the same time, 86 copies of the film are in circulation. In other words: Many ideas should have failed completely because of lack of interest. Likewise, many a movie audience may have been happy about a private performance for themselves or just for himself and his company.

1.9 million euros in funding

Overall, “Blickpunkt: Film” according to so far 6388 people in Germany “Head Full of Honey”. The gross margin for the film, which was shot with the help of about 1.9 million euros in funding, is currently in this country at just under 58,000 euros.

Nobody watches "Head Full of Honey"

Since Til Schweiger has not performed regular press screenings of his films for many years, we unfortunately did not see “Head Full of Honey” either. Unfortunately, whether he really is as inconvenient as a “root canal treatment without anesthesia,” as a US critic wrote, you can only find out yourself.