New Audi Q3 is to put competitors under pressure

Audi is supplementing its compact class with the four-door model. This brings the manufacturer a new SUV on the market, which has some special features to offer.

Audi offers a four-door coupe in the compact class from autumn. At prices not yet mentioned, the Q3 as Sportback then targets SUV competitors such as the Range Rover Evoque or the BMW X2, the manufacturer says.

Sportback: Other silhouettes, new grille

From the conventional Q3, the Sportback differs mainly in the silhouette. So there is also a new radiator grille. But the big difference is the three centimeters flatter roof and the much slanted rear end, which optically pulls the Sportback in length. He does not surpass the conventional Q3 with its 4.50 meters in real terms even by two centimeters, according to Audi.

As in the normal Q3, there is also the sliding and tilt-adjustable rear seat in the Coupé and an identical luggage compartment with 530 liters. Only when the rear seat is folded, the form takes its toll and the load volume is with 1400 liters, about ten percent smaller than in Q3.

At the start there will be the Sportback with known engines: The only gasoline engine is initially a 2.0-liter four-cylinder with 169 kW / 230 hp. In the diesels is a 2.0-liter with 110 kW / 150 hp or 140 kW / 190 hp on the grid. Shortly after the launch, there will also be a second gasoline engine with 1.5 liters and 110 kW / 150 hp, which will be equipped for the first time in the Audi compact class with a 48-volt mild hybrid system.