Michael Schumacher: Official statement of his family

On January 3rd, Michael Schumacher celebrates his 50th birthday. In the first place, his family spoke up with a long statement on Facebook and thanked the fans.

On 3 January, former Formula 1 star Michael Schumacher (49) celebrates his 50th birthday. Since a skiing accident in December 2013, he lives in seclusion from the public. Now his wife Corinna Schumacher (49) and his family have thanked all fans of Schumi for their many years of support with a statement on Facebook .

Exhibition and App for Birthday

The long text states: “We are pleased and wholeheartedly thank you for celebrating Michael’s 50th birthday tomorrow with him and with us.” On the occasion of the birthday, the Foundation of the Schumacher, the Keep Fighting Foundation, has developed an app that serves as a “virtual museum” and with which one can “review Michael’s successes”.

In addition, in the exhibition Michael Schumacher Private Collection will be reminded of his previous successes. ” Michael can be proud of what he has achieved, and we are, too,” it says on Facebook . Through the exhibition, one wants to direct the gaze back to his victories, his records and his jubilation.

“You can be sure that he is in good hands”

His state of health is also briefly stated: “You can be sure that he is in good hands and we are doing everything we can to help him, please understand if we follow Michael’s wishes and a sensitive topic such as health as always, in the privacy left. “