Mercedes G 350d (2018) driving report

This is what a new Mercedes G has to look like: just like a Mercedes G. To differentiate externally on the second view from the predecessor, completely modernized inside and the handling is no longer similar to that of an over-powered truck thanks to wider track and independent suspension in front.

With the new G 350d, Mercedes rounds off the model range of the cult Kraxler. The 286-hp straight-six is the most fuel-efficient version so far. We were with the new entry on test drive.

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After the freestyle the duty – so one could designate the order of the model introductions of the new Mercedes G-class. For initially the Stuttgart let their eight-cylinder off the leash on the diesel engine you had to wait until December 2018. From a commercial point of view, this is understandable, after all, the V8 gasoline engine, especially the apocalyptic G 63 AMG, on the world market extremely in demand. On the other hand, Europeans appreciate the diesel engine.

Anyway, now he is there, the new G 350 d. And as the fourth Mercedes model ever he gets the cream of the current Daimler diesel technology installed. Beneath the Kant hood, the new OM 656 nestles between the struts, the straight-six with 2,925 cubic centimeters of displacement. 286 hp and 600 Newton meters of torque served the oil engine in the G and claimed at the same time the title of “the strongest diesel G of all time” for itself.

Whether he is also, as Mercedes emphasizes, the “most efficient G of all time” will prove the test at the auto, motor and sport consumption round later on, until then we rely on the (WLTP) logo that follows Euro 6d TEMP exhaust-purified diesel ignited an average consumption of 9.6 liters. This also helps the automatic transmission with its “sail” mode, which opens the converter clutch in coasting and roll the Mercedes G at idle speed. Of course, the 9G Tronic transmission is standard on board, as are the leather upholstery and the Dynamic Select system, which enables the retrieval of five different driving programs.

Darben must definitely not be a G-class buyer, even in the unlikely event that the standard equipment is chosen. In fact, however, the new generation G option list allows such a massive choice, especially in interior design, that most likely no G model will look like another. In the case of this time test car was a relatively unobtrusive color choice for the interior design at the start, but this does not change the unconditional upper-class claim. Even if the basic conditions, starting with the grandiose climbing of the driver’s seat to the familiar feeling of depression when closing the massive doors, feel as much like G as in all the decades before, the new width and solidity is still amazing.

The same applies to the variety of functions. Where the Ur-G two shift lever, a steering wheel and the drawbars for the axle locks have actually regulated everything, you can in the New-G in animated menus, for example, the preferred color theme of the day for the interior lighting, one of the massage programs of multicontour seats and similarly significant Programming things. Nice job in a heated garage: spend the Christmas holidays with a programming course in the G.

Luckily, the number one rule for car enthusiasts is still present in the new Mercedes G: Right is gas! And for a XXL briquette with a good 2.5 tonnes live weight, the G 350 d is surprisingly lively in motion. This is not only a merit of the responsive automatic, but above all the very zealous acting engine. After turbodiesel old school feels no longer on, instead, the already early and constant over a wide speed range high torque almost a touch of electric drive. Matching is the new straight-sixa very obliging servant. Both the working noise and vibration are completely in the background, only under full load is the three-liter diesel to a bassy growl.

Partly responsible for the high level of comfort in the engine compartment are the new switchable engine mounts, which are softer at low speeds and harder at higher speeds to largely avoid vibration transmission to the frame at low speeds. This and the restrained background noise make the new G 350 d a “travel G”, with which one can make relaxed kilometers. Where the two V8 colleagues alerted properly even with moderate power demand, the diesel is the first choice for connoisseurs and peace seekers – without the need to forego forward urgency. Because with 7.4 seconds for the zero-hundred sprint, the heavy G 350 d is anything but restrained.

The new four-wheel drive system with rear-heavy 60:40 power distribution, but also the modernized suspension with front independent suspension and wider track brings in comparison to the predecessor G a further relaxation moment in the housing, because with Generation 2 also curve is quite committed. Of course still miles away from a sports car, but who wants the handling of such a, may just buy one. Anyway, one may take in the new G in serpentines something solid. However, in the latest generation, the ESP intervenes relatively early with admonishingly raised forefinger. Not nearly as strict as its predecessor, but very safe.

At the final wave course on the snow- and ice-covered Timmelsjoch road, the new Mercedes G 350 d can finally demonstrate the phenomenal development that not only the assistance systems but also the winter tires have made in recent years. The much-tried rail comparison we leave this time stuck, more important is actually how safe and relaxed you can move with the heavy SUV on such treacherous ground. The design of the four-wheel drive would allow even a certain bold hitching the car quite easily, but in any such attempt, the ESP before the cockiness of the driver before and switches to the serious mode.

Technical specifications:

G 350 d

Power:210 KW (286 HP)
Torque (at rpm):600