Manicure in trend 2024: the 30 most beautiful and elegant nail designs

So that in 2024 you can show off beautiful nails , here we present manicure designs that are in full trend this year. They will serve you for any occasion and you will always look elegant .

The nailfie invades Instagram . These close-up photos of manicures are the new selfie and with them we realize the trends that develop every season . In 2024, not only colors like green or brown prevail because nail art such as animal print or waves also burst in strongly .

The nails that are sweeping in 2024

The nails that are sweeping in 2024 are not only short and elegant , but their sophisticated designs accompany them in an exceptional way . Among the manicures that stand out the most are the French and the Russian ones . Take note of the trends to order them at your usual beauty salon .

Manicure in trend 2024: the 30 most beautiful and elegant nail designs

Coffee with milk manicure to succeed in 2024

The café au lait manicure will flood the hands of many women this 2024. The different manicure salons offer decorative elements with lines and these from Claresa Spain stand out for their dark chocolate colors along with nude tones that simulate café au lait.

A trend that you will see everywhere: inverted French manicure

The French manicure never goes out of style and, if you wear it inverted , like in this idea from Semilac , you will be wearing a trend that became popular in Hollywood in the 1920s . Of course, those legendary actresses opted for red , and this 2024 the star shades are blue , brown or orange .

Transparent nails, a fantasy manicure that is elegant

Transparent nails are also elegant , especially if you decide on pastel shades or eye-catching designs . Look at Georgia Rae ‘s choice of a French manicure with a colored tip and a transparent base .

This 2024 try dying your nails brown


Brown is worn on nails in all its versions : chocolate, mahogany… In addition, it is one of the shades that best combines with clothing and looks good on everyone. Try wearing this color by copying Samantha Rose ‘s design .

Multicolor manicure to give a cheerful touch to your outfit

Another manicure that you will not fail to see is the multicolor one , also known as skittle nails (it consists of painting each nail a different color). The options are endless , but you can copy this idea from Hang Nguyen , who uses blue , green , orange , pink and purple .

Manicure in red, a synonym of elegance at any time of the year

Red nails are one of the most sophisticated , especially if it is a manicure finished with glitter . They stood out in Lady Di and in 2024 they will continue to set the trend . If you also opt for them, try to make it in a burgundy or maroon tone , like in this design from The Daily Nail , because they will stylize your hands .

Baby boomer nails, a manicure that looks great on your hands

The baby boomer , which is also known as a gradient French manicure , is a pure trend this 2024. Its base is white and pink , as seen in this idea by Aleksandra Motyl , a sophisticated combination that looks great on those over 50 .

You have to try the Russian manicure with glitter

The Russian manicure is one of those that works the most and prepares the cuticles and, although it does not involve any decoration or polish , its result makes any nail art stand out. Ask your regular beauty salon for this type of manicure with a glitter finish , like this design from Reichel Nails .

Animal print nails to bring out your wild side

The combination of black and white always works in manicures. In this case, we urge you to show it in an animal print design , like this French nail design that they have created at Peachi Nails .

Klein blue nails will make you shine and look elegant

Klein blue not only reigns in clothing this 2024, but it is also a trend in manicures. The reason? It is a striking and elegant color at the same time that turns any look sophisticated in a matter of seconds, as seen in this design from Mima’t .

Swirl manicure, a sophisticated nail art for 2024

The swirl manicure , which is characterized by its curved lines , is very striking and elegant and is in fashion . This French nail design by Cherie with blue and green stripes is very sophisticated.

In 2024 black nails will continue to triumph

Black nail color is no longer just for the most rockers or punks because it is now also part of the most sophisticated outfits . It is a timeless manicure that adapts to all styles . In this sense, we have seen Meghan Markle or Rita Ora . We invite you to copy this design with golden touches by Mariana Martinez .

Elegant and perfect for special occasions: white nails

In addition to being elegant , versatile and very flattering , white nail color is perfect for special occasions . You can wear a decorated design or a plain one like this one created by manicurist Tom Bachik for Selena Gomez .

Red and pink, a beautiful combination for your manicure

The famous manicurist Betina Goldstein is the author of this design with waves in which she mixes red with pink . And they are two colors that combine perfectly and we invite you to wear them together during 2024 .

Bet this 2024 on a green manicure

Green is one of the colors that is most popular in manicures this 2024. You will see it in its different versions, although we suggest that you go for emerald , like in this design made by Megan .

Metallic nails, a trend that you will see a lot in 2024

The metallic effect has been triumphing in fashion for several seasons and this 2024 it also reaches nail designs . It can be worn in different colors , although you will see it mainly in silver tones , like in this idea from Deore Beauty .

In 2024, nude nails will be very fashionable

Nude nails are discreet and elegant and also easily combine with any look . They will be very fashionable this 2024. By copying this idea made by Mateja Novakovic you can wear them too.

Show off a beautiful and elegant gray manicure

By having so many different shades , the gray color allows us to play a lot with our manicure and combines perfectly with the latest trends , in addition to being able to wear it on any occasion . If you want to show it off on your nails this 2024, copy this idea from Jo .

Tortoiseshell nails will return in 2024

Tortoiseshell nails , which were popular several seasons ago, are making a strong comeback in 2024 and continue to cause a sensation . They are characterized by their print in black and brown tones with irregular shapes that imitate the turtle shell . In this design, Emily Jane Lathan has mixed them with a nude base .

Manicure trend 2024: lip gloss nails

The glazed nails that Hailey Bieber made fashionable give way to lip gloss nails in 2024 . They are similar trends, but the latter is characterized by a more transparent and gelatinous finish , as seen in this design from Penny Barns , which has added a gold line to the base .

Pink nails will continue to be a trend in 2024

The Barbiecore trend , which was so talked about in 2023 , will continue to sweep through 2024 . If you want to show it off in an original way, you can imitate this design by Sarah Wooldridge with a different shade of pink on each nail.

With the double French manicure you will multiply the elegance of your nails

We have already seen that the French manicure never goes out of style, but this year its double version is popular . It consists of drawing two lines instead of one as in this idea from Dry by London with gold stripes on a nude base . In this way, the elegance of the traditional version is multiplied.

Yellow nails, beautiful and very striking

Manicurist Melanie Graves is the author of this smooth yellow nail design with a neon effect that we invite you to copy. They are as beautiful as they are striking and, in addition, they will help you enhance your tan .

Manicure in trend 2024: nails with flowers

Among the drawings that you will see the most on nails in 2024 are those of flowers . So that you can show off this trend with style , we propose this French manicure idea from Kim Truong , who has painted them in black and white for a very original result .

Dot nails are the minimalist trend that is sweeping in 2024

Dot nails are characterized by their dots of different sizes and colors and are the minimalist trend that is sweeping the most in 2024. Harriet Westmoreland has created this version with a small pastel blue dot on each nail on a nude base .

We love these nails with stars and they are very pretty and elegant

Amy Rickaby is the creator of this star nail design that we love and that you can also wear this 2024. She has drawn them in golden tones on a natural base to achieve the most beautiful look that stands out for its elegance .

Marble effect nails, an elegant manicure for special events

Also known as marble nails , marble effect nails consist of achieving a finish similar to that of this material. This is what Emily Jane Lathan has done in this very elegant green design that you can wear at weddings or other special events .

Aura nails are in fashion in 2024

Aura nails , which are trending in 2024 , are similar to ombré nails , as they are also characterized by their gradient effect . However, in them the blurring is created in the middle of the nail to achieve greater contrast . For this design at Peachi Nails they have used pink and orange .

The most beautiful and romantic manicure of 2024: with hearts

Heart drawings always give a romantic touch to manicures. Iram Shelton has painted them in black and shiny silver in this beautiful design on a natural base and a black nail .

With pastel lilac nails you will exude sophistication on any occasion