Immunotherapy treatment – How to live with your cancer?

Treatments, consultations, medical exams … here is the daily life of a person with cancer. Less known than chemotherapy and radiotherapy, immunotherapy is a new therapeutic approach against cancer in full development. What does this method consist of? Has it already proved itself? Discover how immunotherapy treatment brings hope to cancer research.

Immunotherapy in a few words

What is it? It’s about fighting the disease by restoring our natural defense mechanism: the immune system. Instead of directly attacking the disease, immunotherapy treatment stimulates the cells of the immune system to take care of themselves.

Today, immuno-oncology research is starting to pay off and this method has already improved the chances of some patients with advanced cancer.

Re-imagine your everyday life with cancer

If research is progressing and the different kinds of cancer treatments are developing well, living with the disease remains complicated.

Being diagnosed with cancer is not only a challenge for you, but also for your loved ones. And when the disease lands in your life, no one is prepared. Morally, physically, socially, professionally, psychologically, the disease will impact every facet of your life and send all your habits and certainties to the trap.

A lot of questions then arise: Will I get by? What treatments will I have to undergo? How will my body react to it? Beyond the questions related to your health, other anxieties, just as strong, are still added: How will I announce it to my husband / to my wife, to my children, to my parents, to my friends, to my boss …? How will I succeed in maintaining morale? Will my lovers pair get by? How to manage fatigue and physical changes? When will I be able to rework?

All these anxieties are legitimate. But know that there are still solutions to manage this event and alleviate your stress and that of your loved ones. For example, the Belgian site offers you a set of contents intended to inform you, but also to give you the necessary support.

You will find very complete explanations on the functioning of the treatment by immunotherapy , as well as articles to better live on a daily basis. You will discover in particular tips to take care of your body and your mind (keep the morale, manage fatigue and anxiety), to talk with your family, but also testimonials or information on medical monitoring. Do not hesitate to consult it!