Honda CB650R: Naked sister is doing right

You could kneel in front of the Honda CB650R. No, not to pay homage to her (though she’s really done it), but to take a closer look at the four-manifolds that are winding out of the engine. Unique in the motorcycle middle class. But otherwise, there is no reason not to ascend immediately and press the start button.

Only now is the tiny LCD screen, which gives clarity and the bike together with the LED headlight a very modern appearance missed (at least as modern as the model name “Neo-Sports CafĂ©”), but requires good or young eyes Otherwise tempo and selected gear are displayed large enough and except for a thermometer, everything is there, what you need. Something more contrast for the ads would be desirable.

Honda CB650R- Naked sister is doing right

Alternatively, the tempo can also be calculated relatively easily from vibrations and the engaged gear, because starting at 6,000 rpm, it tickles quite a step. Nearly 5000 / min. (more exactly one can not read it) correspond to 100 km / h; if it tickles on the road, so it is too fast, at 6000 / min. are already 130 on the clock. But then you need the speedometer, the 649 ccs quadruple whisk turns over 12,000 rpm! Shortly before it makes 95 hp, the maximum torque of 64 Nm’s from 8500 / min. But such speed regions are not absolutely necessary if you want to be on the way quickly, even in the middle of a good-natured engine does not starve. And even in the speed cellar, it does not get annoying, even if it does not really press there.

Honda CB650R- Naked sister is doing right

Compared to the previous model CB650F are 5 HP more on board, and that is not the only jump into a pleasing future: six kilos less weight (202 kilograms), a much better fork, now the USD-type, to radially mounted four-piston calipers, new Rims, an anti-hopping clutch and a disengageable traction control. The seat position has become sportier: the handlebar is slightly wider but mounted lower. If you like it even sportier, grab the CBR650R, which is practically the same bike, but with Fireblade-oriented racing fairing. It will probably be more enjoyable to try out the top speed of 197 km / h. At the CBR, however, the manifold does not come into its own. There you have to set priorities.

If you could consider the CB650R with a three-step gap for the big sister of the 1000, big grown drivers notice after the climb then, in whose saddle they have taken place. The seat height is 81 centimeters, the knee angle is rather pointed and I feel with 1.88 meters height slightly oversized. But I also know that from some larger-volume motorcycles.

This narrow feeling I have especially in the Vor-me-go-around. As soon as I start to drive actively and train in the whole, I feel really well and I sit sporty instead of cramped. It’s really fun to skate corners. The rather hard suspension remains stable, the damping is not adjustable, but probably (ten steps, with tools) the strut. A pleasure is the optional Quickshifter (205 Euro), a Blipper is not available.

No manoeuvring when manoeuvring: The turning circle is relatively huge.

Honda CB650R- Naked sister is doing right

The bottom line
Around 8590 euros you get a lot of motorcycle, the Honda CB650R actually does nothing wrong, but many things right, in all situations. She drives like a big one, only lighter, stays good-natured at all times and does not let herself be disturbed. Braking far into the curve? No problem. And why should one resort to a mid-range motorcycle? Because 95 hp is already a lot of power for 202 kg, but not so experienced bikers spoil the driving pleasure, not by excessive demand. The impression of abandonment comes on the Honda CB650R not only on. Plus, she has something important in store for all her rivals in her class: the four-cylinder engine. He makes a real difference.