Here comes the savior Moto Guzzi V85 TT – runs in any terrain?

For years the motorbikes of Moto Guzzi are bobbing away. Now the Italians seem to have found a recipe. With the V85 TT, they are launching a luminaire that could take the brand to new heights.

For years it is not really bright around Moto Guzzi. The brand had seen quite different times. In the 1950s, eight world championship titles were entered and in 2021 the traditional motorcycle manufacturer will celebrate its 100th birthday. Currently, the brand is kept afloat by the strong arms of the Piaggio Group. The production figures are still manageable. But a light shines on: The latest of several only moderately successful developments, the recently launched Moto Guzzi V85 TT, could manage to enter as a savior in the company annals.

Play of light as a sign

This assumption is underscored by the play of light that opens up when the driver turns the key: the Guzzi eagle lights up at the front, its outstretched wings stretching across the double headlights. Initially only the body, then the wings. Unlike the diminutive V9 models Roamer and Bobber, the eccentric MGX-21 or the monstrous California 1400, the V85 TT has the makings to establish itself quite differently in the marketplace. After three years of abstinence, Moto Guzzi once again enters the travel enduro segment, this time in the middle class.

Here comes the savior Moto Guzzi V85 TT - runs in any terrain

The ingredients, a mix of state-of-the-art and classic components: the traditional two-valve cylinder head with OHC valve control and air / oil cooling has been fitted with titanium intake valves, with the driver’s throttle commands transmitted electronically. This not only allows the installation of three different engine mappings for road, rain and off-road with linked control of traction control and ABS, but also an automatic cruise control that is very useful in a travel enduro.

“Tutto terreno”

Here comes the savior Moto Guzzi V85 TT - runs in any terrain

As maximum power 80 hp are indicated at 7750 crankshaft revolutions for the V2, whose mighty cylinder Guzzi typical stick laterally under the tank in the wind. 80 Newton meters in civilian 5000 tours are listed in the data sheet as the maximum torque. As soon as the RPM indicator in the somewhat playful TFT display shows a good 3000 revs, the engine is very present and pushes the fully-fueled Guzzi weighing 229 kg. To the 6000er mark comes under vigorous rumbling from the intake tract also liveliness. Who from the TT – the abbreviation stands for “tutto terreno”, in German “drives in every terrain” – Quirkiness expected, is wrong: Her strength is sovereign gliding, like also very fast.

Because her chassis, with quite narrow-toothed wheels, front 19, rear 17 inches, is well advised: Stable at all tempos and agile enough for the curve swing. The adjustable USD fork, as well as the also adjustable central strut, offer good comfort even on bad tracks, whereby the basic tuning is rather taut. A very good feeling convey the three disc brakes, also the ABS regulated timely fix and keeps the Guzzi clean in the track. Beyond the asphalt, where travel dizzies are quite occasionally moved, the TT does its job as well as 17 centimeters of travel and 21 centimeters of ground clearance just allow it. A big plus is the strong aluminum engine underbody protection.

Here comes the savior Moto Guzzi V85 TT - runs in any terrain

Overall, the Guzzi cool enduro hiking is more than rally-like bustle. The off-road driving mode (allows plenty of rear-slip, disables the rear-wheel ABS and gives the front-wheel ABS more freedom) is useful, the ergonomics (handlebars, footpegs, stand-up knees) make sure the V85 can safely navigate in tricky situations , Since also helps the always good pulling V2, the low-speed driving without complaint.

For 12,000 euros is much in it

In the TT package, the developers have packed a lot: A considerable load of 219 kilograms with an acceptable curb weight of 229 kilos with filled 23-liter tank, a moderate seat height of 83 centimeters, a long range of more than 400 kilometers, stable Spoked wheels with pleasantly narrow tires in favor of great handiness and, not to forget, the low-maintenance shaft drive, a unique selling point in the middle class. In addition, there is a TFT display with high information content in the cockpit, the surface of which is somewhat playful.

For this package 11,990 euros for the plain version does not seem too much. 310 Euro more costs the multicolored version with yellow or red, always with cheeky red lacquered tubular frame. It rolls on Michelin Anakee Adventure tires, while the classier-looking uni version comes with Metzeler Tourance Next. The latter is a bench on asphalt, the Michelin a tad grip on loose ground. In view of the rather small difference in tires, one may therefore decide the personal style.