Germany’s most popular SUV in June

Despite declining registrations , the SUVs remain on top. However, some best-selling bestsellers get stifled. We have the figures for the half-year balance sheet in the admission statistics.

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With the approval numbers of June is time for a short half-year balance . Although June was itself in the negative, the new car registrations in the first half-year overall have increased. Around 1.79 million passenger cars were in the past six months in Germany admitted for the first time (+3.1 percent), including about 412,000 SUVs and SUV. This segment is thus still on the up. In June alone, the SUV gained more than 20 percent – in a total market as mentioned.

However, it is worth taking a look at the topic diesel and alternative drives. Hybrid cars (+ 82%) and electric cars (+ 134%) are growing strongly in this half-year, while sales of diesel-powered passenger cars declined by 9.1% during the same period. This also has an effect on the SUVs, where, of course, the large supercompact SUVs are ordered almost exclusively with high-torque self-igniters, even with the sports car brand Porsche . Thus, it is mainly larger SUVs, which leave feathers in the first half year. Among other things, the Jeep and Land Rover SUVs (Discovery, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee) performed worse. Both brands, however, are relying on new models, which are set to rise significantly in the second half of the year. And Land Rover also introduces the new addition of the month, the first Range Rover Velar are immersed in the statistics. At Jeep, all eyes are aimed at the Compass, which should provide good figures in the second half of the year.

SUV Registration numbers for the first half of 2017

It is also astonishing that some audience lovers were punished. The Audi Q3 lost 23 percent, the Volvo XC90 31 percent, and with a real crash of -45% in June even the popular Dacia Duster came under the wheel of the half-year . The strongest growth rates among the volume models are more compact SUVs: Mercedes GLC + 23%, BMW X1 + 27%. The market leader VW Tiguan even comes to a plus of 37 percent. The scenario mentioned at the outset, with a significant increase in hybrid approvals, currently benefits Toyota in particular , where the hybrid range is known to be very pronounced. This can also be seen in the overall brand balance, Where Toyota can increase by 27 percent and offshoot Lexus even by 64 percent. The excellent success of the Tesla Model X (over 600 new registrations in the first half of the year) also allows the electrical specialists to grow strongly, of course, on a much lower number of units. Tesla wins 144 percent. However, heavy losses (-25 percent) are recorded by Honda, also due to the sluggish sales of the CR-V and HR-V models, which are usually very popular.

The exact sales figures and placements of the new SUV registrations in June 2017 are shown in our photoshow.

Note: The admission statistics are the official data of the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg. The classification into the respective classes takes place by means of a key number over the manufacturers. The statistics can also include models that are not available on the German market or are no longer being built. This feature can occur in KBA statistics, for example when foreign vehicles are registered for the first time in Germany or vehicles have a new ID no. receive.