Facts About Bahrain

The most important fact about bahrain are there old buildings with windtowers, which used to be a kind of air-conditioning system. The beautiful, richly ornamented old merchant houses suggest the wealth of their former owners. The capital of Manama has an interesting skyline with many particularly high and modern skyscrapers. Particularly at night fascinates this sight. Bab al Bahrain is the gate of Bahrain and is situated in the old town.

Bait Siyadi is the old house of a pearl merchant and is worth seeing. The Al Jasra House is the birthplace of the Emir of Bahrain. It gives impressions of the former life in Bahrain.

Bahrain has several magnificent temples. So the Barbar Temple in the capital and the are Diraz Temple and Sar-temple in the north of the island particularly interesting.

Many mosques can be visited in Bahrain. The Al-Fateh Mosque is located in the capital in the Juffair district, offering 7000 people. It is the largest mosque, has 70 meters high minarets and is equipped with Italian marble. The Al-Chamis Mosque dates from the 8th century. Also the Juma Mosque is worth seeing. There is a strict prohibition of photography in the mosques.

Cruises and Reiseland Bahrain

In Bahrain, there are several old town fortifications, the forts. The Arad Fort, the Bahrain Fort and the Riffa Fort are highly recommended.

At the time of pearl fishing, the pearls’ monument recalls. An oversized bead is held by six Dhau sails. Nearby is a beautiful water fountain. The town of Budaiya was once the pearl of pearl fishing and gives an impression of the life and work of pearl fishermen.

The National Museum in Manama provides insights into the culture and history of the country. Works of art can be visited there. The visitor can get an impression of the life of the people in Bahrain in an artificial village with mosque and bazaar. The coin museum has about 250 coins of gold, silver and bronze. The House of the Koran shows Islamic ornaments and various unusual Korans.

One should not miss a visit to the souks, the traditional markets, in the capital. On the Goldsouk one can buy Goldschmuck cheap.

Just outside of Manama is the former capital of Bahrain , Bilad Al Qadir, you should visit.

The Dhau shipyard has opened its doors to visitors so that you can watch the ship builders at work.

The numerous hill graves and burial tombs, also known as the royal tombs, impress with their size. They have a diameter of 40 meters and a height of 24 meters.

The park Al Areen in the south of the country houses almost extinct animals and plants. There is also a 200-year-old acacia, the Tree of Life. No one knows where this tree is in the middle of the desert.

To the south of the capital you can visit a camel farm, which has 100 camels. There is racing camels and camel babies .

The King Fahd Causeway is a 25-meter-long bridge linking the island of Bahrain to Saudi Arabia. It is one of the most expensive bridges in the world and was opened in 1986.

One can in Bahrain take trips by car. However, it is recommended to book guided tours for visitors who come to Bahrain for the first time. Many interesting destinations are offered. So one can also look over the shoulders of the potters or basket-weaves.

Interesting facts about Bahrain at a glance:

Population: 1,234,571
Surface area: 750 km²
Capital: Manama (al-Manāma)