CES in Las Vegas: The Technology Trends 2019

The Technology Trends 2019

Also in 2019, the CES in Las Vegas heralds the technology year again . Particularly exciting this year: roll-up TVs, flip-up smartphones and much more.

The Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ) in Las Vegas is one of the largest consumer electronics trade shows . For more than five decades, well-known manufacturers have been presenting interesting products year after year – and have been showing for some time now in January where the technology year could go. These are some of the most exciting products in 2019.

Revolutionary design
This TV could change the design of a living room lasting. LG introduces the “OLED TV R”, the first OLED TV with a fully retractable screen. If you do not want to watch TV and you do not want to have a huge black area – the TV switched off – standing around in the room, you can just have it disappear into a base with a 4.2-sound system with 100 watts output power. Currently it is not known when exactly the good piece with 65-inch screen will come to Germany and how much it will cost.

The current 2019 variant of Samsung’s “The Frame” – a QLED TV that looks as if it is framed in a simple picture frame – is in a similar vein. Again, it’s all about the idea that a TV is no longer recognizable as such. If “The Frame” is not being used and turned off to watch the current ” Game of Thrones ” episode or the latest blockbuster, artwork or your own photos will be displayed in the frame. This turns the TV into a normal picture on the wall. In addition, Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby is installed.

As in the past year, language assistants are a big topic in 2019 as well. More and more third-party manufacturers therefore offer the corresponding support for Amazon’s Alexa and other solutions in their loudspeakers . For example, the traditional US company Klipsch is showing its loudspeaker “The Three” at CES. Thanks to its Google Assistant, it can be controlled by voice and clearly distinguishes itself from many current speakers with its classy, ​​classic design.

Mobile technology
In terms of smartphone more and more manufacturers rely on foldable displays. For example, Samsung presented a corresponding prototype last November. The lesser-known company Royole has now shown at the CES again her smartphone “FlexPai”, which was released in late October in China. Even if the technology behind it in the coming months and years should be particularly hot, you should not see the “FlexPai” yet too often – because the price of almost 1,400 euros for the cheaper version of the smartphone should be much too steep for most users ,

Anyone who sees a suitcase driving around at the airport in the near future does not have hallucinations. ForwardX Robotics shows at the CES the smart suitcase Ovis, which automatically follows its owner and recognizes obstacles while driving. But this fun also has its price: The suitcase should cost around 700 euros. The good piece is already in demand in every case. In the summer of 2018, Ovis was funded by crowdfunding and received more than 1.2 million euros.

Although there are already other self-sufficient VR glasses, with which users can enjoy the virtual reality completely wirelessly, the new Oculus Quest is to give however a similar feeling like the big brothers Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, for whose use one needs a powerful PC. Whether the purchase really worthwhile, is expected to show in the spring, when the glasses for 399 US dollars on the market. How much Oculus Quest will cost in Germany is currently unknown.

Wireless headphones are becoming increasingly popular. No wonder that in this area many manufacturers want to publish many new devices in the coming months. Among other Panasonic has presented several models. The “Bluetooth over-ear RP-HTX90N” comes with voice control and noise canceling therefore and should provide a battery life of about 24 hours.