“Celebrity Big Brother”: Zoff and quarrels, Katja flies out

The mood in the ” Celebrity Big Brother ” house is tense just before the final. Especially Chethrin always struggles, with all. Except with her friend Katja . But of all things, Chethrin has to say goodbye at the end.

Already in the past few days, the tone among the remaining inhabitants in the ” Celebrity Big Brother ” house became rougher and rougher. Shortly before the grand finale, the nerves seem to be really blank. At the “construction site” is gezofft, gezickt and blasphemed, what the stuff holds. Always in the eye of the storm: TV star Chethrin Schulze (26). But she had to say goodbye to her bosom-girlfriend Katja Krasavice (22, “fat lips”).

The stress starts in the morning
Johannes Haller (30) and Schulze get together in the morning . Reason for the dispute: The delivery of healthy fruits and vegetables from which the residents can prepare food. While Johannes wants to make pumpkin a “Warm soup”, Schulze is in the mood for pumpkin. After a short but intense verbal battle over who-eats-who-what and who-writes-who-what-before, Haller annoys in the consulting room annoyed: “The Chethrin is today easily irritable. If girls are stubborn, they should be stubborn We ate what was on the table, you did not grow up as a princess on the pea. ”

Katja and Chethrin shoot sharply against Cora
The day before, Cora Schumacher (41) was voted out by the crowd – and as soon as she’s gone, Schulze and her friend Katja blithely say, “Did she always cry?” Asks Chethrin. “Yes, because of every little thing, always complaining about everything, ‘I’m so sick'”, Katja apes the Schumacher . “This is so blatantly weak,” pushes the 22-year-old.

And even Chethrin does not give a good hair to Schumacher : “I find the extreme with her so exhausting, of course, she has a disease: ADHD, she has to tell, somehow I’m sorry for her, but she’s not the right person for the format here!” Katja sees that as well: “I have nothing against her at all, but if she’s wrong, I hate wrong people.” With these harsh words, it’s no wonder that the two are not exactly on the understanding at the other meetings. Silvia Wollny (53) sums up what everybody thinks: “The behavior of Chethrin and Katja I find disgusting! That only disgusts me!”

Chethrin gives Daniel a basket
Even the “romance” with Daniel Völz (33) has apparently reached a low point. At least Chethrin does not seem to mind the “Bachelor” anymore. Völz is only attractive from the “shell” anyway. For a relationship but rather unsuitable: “Flirting is okay, but something solid rather not so He does things that do not go at a man, these are little things that I respect,” explains Chethrin. Her conclusion: “That’s a pity.”

Daniel gives the man of honor
And otherwise? Of course, another duel was on the agenda. Chethrin introduced himself – and after a long back and forth also Daniel . This then decided the game in the end for themselves – thank physical advantage. The special: Who won, got a green card, which protected him from a nomination. It was also possible to pass on – but not to Chethrin. Daniel had to announce his decision to all residents. Of course, he, Ehrenmann, would have given the card to Chethrin as he is: “You have been nominated so many times the last few days,” explains Daniel . And further: “But I’m not allowed to do it, so I’ll keep it.” How convenient.

Since Chethrin had lost, but she also got a card. This time, however, this was red. Her owner was automatically nominated by her. Say: She was also allowed to pass it on – only to Daniel . She also had to announce her decision in front of all participants. And chooses himself. “You nominate me all again anyway, so I can not be exposed by others,” she analyzed the situation.

The first open nomination
After that was nominated for the first time open. Alphonso, Daniel and Silvia nominated Katja , who received the most votes. So it was clear: The super-blasemer duo Chethrin and Katja would be torn apart. In the end, Katja got the fewest phone calls and Chethrin was saved again …