A man gets shipwrecked on an island – funny jokes and humor

A man gets shipwrecked on an island and his only two companions are a dog…and a pig. He manages to find plenty of

food for the three of them, and they settle in for a long stay as the man tries to

think of a way for the three of them to get back to civilization.

After a month of being stranded, the man starts to feel…lonely. He finds himself more and more often

looking at the pig as a possible… companion. One night, he can’t stand it anymore and he starts putting

the moves on the pig. He strokes it, tries to kiss it, and is just about to go in for the kill

when the dog starts barking furiously, baring it’s teeth and growling.

“You’re right, you’re right, ” the man says to the dog. “I shouldn’t be doing that.

I’ll try to control myself.” The dog accepts his apology,

and the three of them go on existing on the island.

Another month goes by, and the man starts to feel… lonely again. One night after dinner,

he starts to caress the pig, whispering sweet nothings to it. He kisses the pigs cheeks,

and is just about to get himself into position when once again the dog starts barking,

growling, and baring it’s teeth.

“You’re right, you’re right,” the man says to the dog. “For better or for worse,

we’re in this together. I shouldn’t be trying to take advantage of our friend here.

I’m sorry.” The three of them go back to living on the island, and the man goes back

to trying to think of a way they can get home.

Another month goes by, and all of a sudden a woman washes up on shore.

She’s the most beautiful woman the man has ever seen, and he’s absolutely beside himself.

As she comes walking up, he can’t help but jump up and say

“I’m so happy you’re here. Do you think you could

keep this dog occupied for a few minutes?”