A guys goes to his friends house

A guy, Mike, walks into his friend Joe’s house. Immediately, he notices in the middle of his friend’s living room,

a tall metal box with lots of blinking lights and whiring sounds.

Joe sees Mike’s obvious curiosity and says “Ah, I see you’ve noticed my new invention! It’s a seĀ  machine!! You put your d**k in that hole right there, adjust the size with this nob.

When you’re ready, put in a dollar and it will give you the best orgasm of your life!”

To which Mike replies, “Heh, that sounds awesome! Would it be weird if I wanted to try it out someday?”

Joe say, “I knew you’d be interested, so the machine is all ready for you. I’ve go some other stuff to do, so

I’ll give you some privacy and let you do your thing.”

Joe leaves the room and excitedly waits to see how Mike likes his invention. Less than a minute passes

before Joe hears a painful scream from the living room. Hurrying back into the rooms, he worredly asks,

“Oh no!, what’s wrong!?”

Mike, curled up on th floor holding his crotch in pain, explains, ” Well, I was really excited, and couldn’t wait,

but all I had was a couple quarters.”

“No, you idiot!! For 50 cents, it only sharpens pencils!!”