A guy walks into a bar looking to stir up – funny jokes and humor

A guy walks into a bar looking to stir up some trouble. The bartender asks, “Hey there, what can I get you?”

The guy looks around and sees another guy sitting at a table mulling over a still full drink and says, “I can get it

myself.” Leaving the bartender with a confused look on his face.

The first guy picks up the drink from the other guys table and downs it in an instant. After sliding the glass back on the

table he says, “Thanks for the drink buddy!” Giving him a slap on the back.

The guy at the table starts crying prompting the guy standing to say, “You know, I can’t stand to see a grown man cry.”

The guy sitting speaks through his sobs. “I just can’t seem to do anything right today.”

“First, I woke up late and missed an important meeting at work, my boss fired me on the spot. Then when I got back

out to the parking lot, I found out my car had been stolen and my insurance was canceled as well,

so I’m completely out of luck for anything there…”

“I didn’t realize until I was walking up the porch steps to my house that I left my wallet in the

cab I took home and it had already drove off too far to try and chase down.

When I got inside, I found my wife in bed with the gardener…”

“Then I came to this bar and I’ve been sitting here for the past several hours trying

to work up the courage to just end it all….”

“And then YOU go ahead and drink

the damn POISON!”