5 indispensable jewelry trends of our favorite streetstyle girls

Fashion Week not only inspires on the catwalks to new fashion trends. The visitors also give us creative input. We picked out the five greatest jewelery trends that stylish styled streetstyle influencers really do not want to do without.

Whether in London, Paris or New York – the Fashion Week inspires us worldwide to new great trends. Not only in terms of clothing we get fresh inspiration, but also in jewelry. We’ve put together the five coolest jewelry trends that the popular street style girls around the Fashion Week showed us.

1 Streetstyle jewelry trend: Pearls as opulent statement

Pearls have the reputation of being stale and worn by grandma. But that’s not true, the fashionistas of the world show us. Pearl jewelery is now as popular as it has not been for a long time.

To get away from the good image, the current pearl jewelery definitely proves size: At Fashion Week one of our favorite Instagram influencers Caro Daur shows us her oversized pearl jewelry and encourages more. So even the most solid pearls lose their good image.

1 Streetstyle jewelry trend: Pearls as opulent statement

2 Streetstyle jewelry trend: Animal earrings will spice up your outfit

Animal love can (almost) not go far enough. That’s why we love this street style trend, with sweet accessories to our love of animals testifies: small, colorful earrings in animal form are a trend jewelry, the fashionistas of the world at the moment do not want to do without.

Whether it is the portrait of your own dog, colorful birds of paradise or dinosaurs, it does not matter. Mainly animalistic! The sweetest jewelery trend in combination with a simple black outfit is most intense.

3 Streetstyle Jewelry Trend: Transparent Jewelry

After transparent outfits and transparent shoes, the transparent jewelery now comes. While clothing and shoes were still made of plastic, jewelery can also be glass – provided the piece of jewelery is not too big. Otherwise, the glass trend accessories will soon become very heavy.

If you prefer oversized, you can look forward to a large selection of various drops, balls or leaf-shaped trailers made of transparent plastic.

3 Streetstyle Jewelry Trend: Transparent Jewelry

4 Streetstyle Jewelry Trend: Statements set with letter jewelry

Letters jewelry is currently on everyone’s lips – or in any beautiful jewelry box. Even if we do not always know exactly what the letters on the necklaces and earrings of the fashionistas stand for, one thing is for sure: letter jewelry is a trend that turns our accessories into an individual signature.

Because individualized jewelry is not in everyone’s budget, you can just buy two sets of letter earrings. In the right ear you wear the initial of your first name, in the left ear the initial of your surname – finished is the perfect, individual jewelry à la street style fashionista!

5 Streetstyle Jewelry Trend: Sparkling Golden Bangles

One thing we took away from the fashion week regarding the latest accessories trends: Either you are counting on a big statement piece or you are combining many small filigree elements until you have created a skilful Gesamtkunstwerk.

A street style of Fashion Week are cleverly combined gold bangles. The individual is delicate and filigree, but when five or more bangles meet, the simple pieces of jewelry will be a great eye-catcher.

5 Streetstyle Jewelry Trend: Sparkling Golden Bangles