12 foods that you can still eat expired

Not every expired food must be thrown into the bin immediately. Many products you can eat even months later without hesitation. In which twelve foods you need not take the best before date, we tell you in our picture show.

Are you also one of those people who immediately throw food in the bin as soon as they have run out for a few days? Although the best before date stated on all products is a rough guide, how long the contents will not lose its freshness, it does not mean that it is inedible or even harmful to you afterwards.

Quite the contrary: Many foods are still edible for a long time after they have expired, according to the imprint. The important thing is to have a close look at your food. If mold has formed or the appearance of the food has changed, you should be careful.

Even if an unpleasant odor spreads or you notice a bad taste, the product has probably actually expired. In our picture show we tell you which twelve foods you can undoubtedly eat and drink.