10 Interesting Facts About Taiwan

1. Taiwan, Ilha Formosa also called, which means ‘beautiful island’, it is also known by the nickname Kingdom of the corals.

2. The first woman who won a Nobel Peace Prize was Lu Hsien-lein, a Taiwanese.

3. In Taiwan is considered rude to waste food, so where eat, make sure you finish what you have on your plate.

4. The Alishan Sacred Tree Taiwan was one of the oldest trees in the world. It is believed that was about 3000 when he collapsed in 1997; then it is reaching 60 meters in circumference.

5. Due to the policy of ‘one China’ is not allowed Taiwan to use its own official name in international events such as the Olympics. Instead, the country is called Chinese Taipei, indicating that it is a renegade province of China.

6. When participating in the Olympics, Taiwanese athletes do not carry the national flag of Taiwan, but the Chinese Taipei Olympic flag.

7. In Taiwan, the color of the wedding is not white but red, which symbolizes good fortune.

8. The Taiwanese believe that white is the color of death. Therefore, they employ funerals.

9. In Taiwan, 13 is not an unlucky number. 4 it is, because in Taiwan the word “four” sounds like “death”.

10. Baseball has reputation of American sport, but also the national sport of Taiwan.