10 facts about the Desert World Cup 2022 in Qatar

in Qatar will be built football stadiums in cities, does not yet exist that’s

At the moment, France is home to the European Kickerelite, 2018 is the World Championship title in Russia and 2022 is kicked off in Qatar – if the cities are built in the stadia!

In the deserts of the Persian Gulf, it runs like in the rest of the Emirates: in case of doubt, what is still not there is raised. But cities and stadiums literally built on sand are not the only curiosity in the run-up to the football world championship in 2022. We have collected some interesting, exhilarating but also depressing facts.

The stadium of the opening game is still being built – as is the city in which it stands

The very first kick-off of the World Cup 2022 will be heard in Lusail. Fortunately, this will be in just six years, because the city does not exist yet. After all, the artificial “island” Qetafian Island on the western border of Lusail is nearly finished from the mainland separately – as can be seen in the picture above.

Apart from that, the satellite images of Lusails show practically only roads – of the houses and skyscrapers, which are supposed to be up to 450,000 people at any time, is still missing any trace. Also in the future location of the stadium, so far only sand, sand, and nothing but sand.

Qatar had to ask the Fifa not to insist on all promised stadiums

Qatar is not exactly known as the country of kicker fanatics. The offer of already existing stadiums, which could be used for the World Cup, is correspondingly tiny. The sheikhs wanted to be very big here and promised during the draw to renovate three old stadia and stomp nine brand-new arenas from the ground. Thus, Qatar would have fully fulfilled the requirements of the Fifa.

However, because of “exploding costs”, Qatar was at the Fifa and asked to accept only eight or nine stadia. At the very least, this would also be the case, since the prerequisites for a WM orientation provide for a number of at least eight and a maximum of twelve venues. Blamabel it would be for the otherwise so rich sheikhs nevertheless.

After all, after the World Cup, the stadiums are to be partially dismantled and rebuilt in developing countries.

Qatar is building his stadiums on the back of modern slaves

New stadiums, for which new metropolises are raised – the megalomania of the Qatar is actually admirable, the projects would not be carried out on the back of modern slaves. For the construction work, Qatar brought so many Indians, Pakistanis and Nepalese into the country, so that only one in every seven inhabitants of Qatar actually comes from the peninsula itself. But with the workers lured into the emirate for well-paid jobs, Qatar is inhumanly changing.

It was not until the spring of 2016 that Amnesty International published a new report on the conditions on the construction sites: the workers who had been drawn up were packed together in tiny dormitories, pay promises were not respected, and some were even forced to work. The coronation of the whole: In order not to leave the foreign workers, the construction managers simply confiscate their passports. De jure is forbidden, but neither the Qatar government nor the Fifa, according to Amnesty, do not really object.

Up to the World Cup, Qatar’s construction projects could cost far more people than the September 11 attacks

But the adjectives for working conditions in Qatar do not end at “miserable”. In fact, the work is “deadly” there. Every year, according to the International Federation of Trade Unions, 1,000 people are killed on the World Cup construction sites.

Qatar himself denies this and claimed that there had not been a death on the construction sites so far. However, the figures of the embassies of India and Nepal, according to which a total of 1,200 deaths among Indian and Nepalese workers have already occurred between 2011 and 2013, also contradict this.

Based on the figures of the international trade union federation, the work could demand more than 6,000 lives by 2022 – in addition to the deaths that the projects already caused. Qatar’s World Cup preparations would cost more than twice as many people as the September 11 attacks.

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The World Cup 2022 will completely disrupt the European leagues

Far more important than the lives of the construction workers is the sheikhs the integrity of the professional kicker. At temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius games in the summer heat of Qatar are unthinkable. Even if it is not yet official, it is generally expected that Qatar will move the games to the winter.

Thanks to the winter break, Bundesliga players would have time to be on the pitch for Jogi Löw, but the stars of the Premier League, the Primera División and the Italian Serie A would have to decide – club or national team.

The real madness, however, is that the list of controversies around Qatar’s WM has even more to offer than unfinished stadiums and the high blood sugar of the megaprojects in the desert. Whether Qatar will deal with all these problems in the coming six years, or the Grossevent will be a more drastic debacle than, for example, the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, will show itself in 2022.

If necessary, the sheikhs will probably have to dig deeper into the pockets – even though the total cost of an unbelievable 220 billion US dollars has already been predicted. In comparison, the World Cup in Germany ten years ago cost only 6.2 billion dollars – it is just a good thing if the football (and the stadiums) is right at home in their own country.