10 crazy facts about Japan

We travel in one of the most economically developed countries in the world to Japan. Japan believes with a high standard of living and beautiful landscapes. We show you the craziest facts about the fourth-largest island state.

1. The island nation of Japan has 6852 island and is the fourth largest island state in the world.

2. The landscape of Japan is 70% of mountains.
japan lake

3. The population of Japan is about 99% of Japanese. The small remainder are Koreans, Chinese and Fillipinos.

4. In Japan, there are about 5.5 million machines. These machines are obtained in addition to cigarettes and sweets also toys, dishes and much more.

5. Only 2% of all adoptions in Japan are children. 98% are men between 20-40 years. These are adopted by large companies in order to take over later.
japan beach

6. 60% of all animated films in the world are anime. In Japan there are 130 voice acting schools where people are trained as a spokesman for anime.

7. 51 of the 500 most actively traded companies have their headquarters in Tokyo. Thus Tokyo is ahead of Paris in the first place.

8 1 500 000 people move during the day in Tokyo. That is twice the whole city population.

9. Almost all people in Japan have a high-tech toilet. It includes a h@t air blower, a seat heater, a massage function, an adjustable water jet, an armrest, an automatic flushing and of course, the toilet seat should not automatically open.

10. 90% of all smartphones in Japan are waterproof, because the Japanese use their phones in the shower.