10 most beautiful woman in the world

Die classic question of who is the fairest in the world, can be answered no doubt. Many a woman does not even suspect it of herself. But there are criteria such as annual earnings, Miss election earnings, award by a relevant magazine. We introduce ten of the most important beauty queens.

Most beautiful in the world
“World’s most beautiful” is chosen by the “People” magazine (New York City).

Jennifer Aniston (actually: Jennifer Joanna Anastassakis), 47, actress from Los Angeles, California, USA.

Hobbies: Yoga, cycling, barre, knitting. She plays with her two dogs, feeds the chickens, jokes, eats the pasta carbonara of her husband Justin Theroux, and since she was little, she paints: When she was eleven years old, one of her works was exhibited at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art displayed.

Self description: “If I did not work as an actress, I would have become a therapist.”

Fun Fact: Was Goth earlier.

Especially nice: her refined chin.

Miss Universe
Is chosen by the Miss Universe Organization (New York).

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach , 27, model , actress from Stuttgart, Germany.

Family: Daughter of a German father and a Filipino mother, a sister. At the age of four, she emigrated with the family to the Philippines. She speaks Cebuano, Tagalog and English, she says she speaks German only “rudimentary”.

Award ceremony: Accidentally, Miss Colombia was crowned before Wurtzbach was named the winner.

Fun Fact: Would like to try all the ice creams in the world in one day.

Especially nice: the charming smile.

S8xiest woman alive
Chosen by the men’s magazine “Esquire” (New York City).

Emilia Isabelle Euphemia Rose Clarke , 29, actress from London, United Kingdom.

Family: Her father is a sound engineer, her mother is a business woman, and her brother studied politics. Her mother’s pedagogical rule of thumb was: “Do not use drugs, have no s8x, and leave your eyebrows as they are!” For the latter, she was bullied by her classmates.

Musical talents: singing, piano, flute and guitar playing.

Self Description: “I am a simple girl who loves mascara.”

Fun Fact: She performed the Ententanz in the casting for the series ” Game of Thrones “.

Especially nice: her kiss mouth.

Miss Intercontinental
Being elected by the Miss Intercontinental Organization (Panama): Only unmarried women can participate.

Valentina Rasulova , 24, make-up artist from Rostov, Russia.

Hobbies: skiing, dancing, singing, photography (landscapes or people).

Self-description: “I am very active. Friendly to everyone, because that is part of my education. I try to make the most of every situation. ”

Competition: In 1993 Verona won Feldbusch . The 2015 crowned in Magdeburg Rasulova will pass on the crown in Sri Lanka in mid-October to her successor.

Fun Fact: Her favorite drink is green tea with lemon and mint.

Especially nice: the snub nose.

Most beautiful woman
The London cosmetic surgeon Julian De Silva has found the most beautiful woman among the stars through a computer program based on the Golden Ratio.

Amber Heard , 30, actress from Austin, Texas, USA.

Hobbies: climbing, swimming, diving, horse riding.

Love life: Heard was married to Johnny Depp for 15 months , before that she had a long relationship with a wife.

Self-description: “I’m this” shut up and smile! “Attitude to always been skeptical.”

Fun Fact: She loves classic cars. She repairs her 1968 Mustang and her 1967 Mercedes 250 SL with spare parts from Ebay.
Especially nice: sleepy look.

Miss World
Is chosen by the Miss World Organization (London).

Mireia Lalaguna Royo , 23, Pharmacy student from Barcelona , Spain.

Hobbies: playing the piano, traveling, listening to music, reading.

Wish: Lalaguna Royo wants to found a company that deals with healthy diets and diets and shows alternatives to conventional medicine.

The beauty queen is fluent in four languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and French.

Fun Fact: If they could choose a superpower, it would be the ability to catapult themselves into the past.

Especially nice: the sweet dimples.

H#ttest woman
The “H#ttest 100” are chosen by the readers of the men’s magazine “Maxim” (New York City).

Stella Maxwell , 25, model and Victoria Secret Angel from Belgium.

Family: has two brothers and one sister, parents are from Northern Ireland. At the age of 13, the globetrotter moved with the family to Australia and a year later to New Zealand, now Maxwell commutes between New York, Los Angeles and Paris.

Self-description: “If I firmly believe in what I want to achieve, it can happen. Optimism helps in all areas of life. ”

Fun Fact: She snapped Miley Cyrus in a parking lot in Los Angeles.

Especially beautiful: the pacific blue eyes.

Miss International
Is chosen by the Miss International Foundation (Tokyo).

Edymar Martínez , 21, tourism student and model from Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui, Venezuela .

Prototype: her mother. “She is everything to me. My best friend, teacher and mentor. She taught me to fight, to show how strong you are and to be committed. “The first thing Martínez does when she comes back home is to hug her mother and give her a big kiss.

Competition: The German Ingrid “Fifi” Finger bore the title the longest. Only 20 months after her election in 1965, a new Miss was chosen.

Fun Fact: As a little girl, Martínez was a banging tomboy.
Especially nice: expressive, “fiery” look.

The most expensive
The “Highest Paid Actress” is determined by the business magazine “Forbes” (New York City).

Jennifer Lawrence , 26, actress from Indian Hills, Kentucky, USA.

Annual income: $ 46 million.

Childhood: She has two older (also pretty) brothers she grew up with on the horse farm of her parents in Kentucky. Her first horse was a pony named “Muffin”. Lawrence was previously not allowed to play with other girls because she was too “rough”. As a child she wanted to be a doctor.

Fun Fact: Lawrence does not wash her hands after she’s in the bathroom because she does not think it’s more hygienic.
Especially beautiful: her elegant forehead.

Best paid model
Is determined by the business magazine “Forbes” (New York City).

Gisele Bundchen , 36, model from Três de Maio, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Hobbies: riding, surfing, beach volleyball, karaoke, playing with her two children Vivian and Benjamin. She is dieting with her husband, quarterback Tom Brady. Secret passion: cleaning. “Cleaning the house has a therapeutic effect on me.”

Self description: “I thought, I’m fake.”

Fun Fact: Wore the most expensive Victoria’s Secret bra ever, worth $ 15 million. She could buy two of her estimated income each year.

Especially nice: her sporty beachbody.